Monday, July 31, 2017

Is This Thing On?

Hello again to you and to a new week! Yikes! Can you believe that today is
the last day of July?

I have two questions for you all today...

Where has the summer gone?


Is anyone out there?

The summer has certainly passed in the blink of an eye. Schools start back in our 
area in 8 days, and we move Miss S to Auburn in 11 days.

Come to think of it, 2017 is passing by just as quickly. It is only 115 days 
until Thanksgiving, 147 days until Christmas, and 154 until it will be 2018.
Someone please stop the madness! Time is flying by!

I ask that second question because it has been SO SUPER QUIET from your
side of this little blog. Some days I fear that I am talking to myself. Would you
guys please talk to me? Leave me a comment, like or write something on the blog 
facebook page, email me, send a carrier pigeon. Anything! Just let me know you are 
out there and that you are reading! Talking to y'all during the week is way more fun 
when I hear some type of feedback. 

While Shelley waits for us to love and adore her, let's talk about our weekend...

Hubby and I had a pretty quiet weekend, but Miss S had an amazing one!

Miss S, her roommate, and her their friend Allison left on Friday to attend 
The Oaks Retreat at Shocco Springs in Talladega, Alabama.

The official description of the retreat says this... 

The Oaks is a 3 day summer retreat for incoming freshmen at Auburn University and Southern 
Union State Community College. The weekend primarily consists of worship and teaching at 
our large group sessions, small group time with your counselor and fellow freshmen, and time 
for personal growth in the Lord. 

You will get the opportunity to hear from different campus pastors during our main sessions 
as well as our topic-based breakout sessions. You will also have the chance to personally 
meet the faces associated with various churches and campus ministries in the Auburn/Opelika 
area at our Ministry Fair. Prepare to learn, to grow, to have fun, and to be prepared to 
enter Auburn’s campus as a laborer into the harvest

Miss S had a blast! She is so happy that she went. She met many new friends,
and met and heard pastors and youth pastors from churches in the Auburn 
area speak and share more about their churches. She feels confident that she 
will be able to find a church to plug into once she arrives at Auburn. As parents,
this makes Hubby and I extremely happy.

 Let's chat:

- What are you looking forward to in August?

I'm looking forward to Bid Day for Miss S on the 18th and Hubby's birthday
on the 24th.

- What was your favorite memory from July?

of  July. I also enjoyed eating at The Cypress Inn Restaurant.

- Have you ever been to a weekend retreat?

Hubby and I went to a retreat at Shocco Springs in 2001 or 2002. It was nice to
have a quiet getaway with Hubby, but I can't say I was in a hurry to rush back, ha!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Distractions and DVR's

Have you ever had so much to do that you don't even know where to start?

That is where I find myself today. Laundry is waiting, the vacuum is waiting, and
clutter is closing in on me. I am also in extreme need of a workout! I was doing
so well. I completed three workouts last week, but so far have completed zero
for this week. Ugh! I am a personal trainer and a health coach, so this should 
not be an area that I struggle with. But alas, here I am, caught in the tangled
web of struggle.

So, this brings me to my current state of distraction. I am looking for something
to distract me from my mountain high to-do list that is looming over me like
a dark cloud. 

Eeyore, I am right there with you buddy.

So, before I tackle the never ending to-do's, let talk about some fun distractions.
We can call them "something to look forward to!"

Hallmark Channel is giving us lots of goodies to look forward to in August.

First up in the Summer Nights series of new movies is this movie.

Love at the Shore premieres on Saturday, August 5, 9/8c. Happy the dog makes his
movie debut in this movie too. Isn't he a little cutie? A cute dog, a happily ever after
love story, and a beach? Definitely count me in for this one!

Saturday, August 12 at 9/8c brings us Summer in the Vineyard.

This movie is the sequel to Autumn in the Vineyard. I am so thrilled that Hallmark
Channel has decided to do sequels to some of their wonderful movies. Really
excited to see "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey used to say.

On Sunday August 20, 10/9c, Andie MacDowell and Cameron Mathison
will star in At Home in Mitford

I really like these two actors, so I know this will be another hit for both of them.

Saturday, August 26 at 9/8c brings us Sun, Sand & Romance.

I loved Paul Campbell's character in Once Upon a Holiday, so I know he will do
a great job in this movie as well.

Also, let's not forget that Season 2 of Chesapeake Shores is back on beginning
Sunday, August 6 at 9/8c. Season 1 was fantastic, and I look forward to seeing
the characters deepen relationships in Season 2.

I will be making sure my DVR is sitting on ready to catch each and every minute
of the much anticipated Summer Nights series!

Well, it looks like it is time for a workout for this girl. Procrastinate no more.

Are you a Hallmark Channel movie fan?

Are you looking forward to the movies that are coming next?

Do you ever struggle to fit in your workouts?

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ready, Set, Bake!

If you saw yesterday's video, you saw that we had lunch on Sunday at one of my
all time favorite restaurants. When Hubby and I lived in Tuscaloosa years ago, 
 we would always go to Cypress Inn on special occasions. 

One of my absolute favorite things to eat while there is their mouth-watering
muffins and homemade rolls. They are both out of this world. I have yet to find
a dinner roll that compares, but I did find this recipe for muffins that is pretty darn
close to what they serve in the restaurant. After enjoying these amazing muffins
again on Sunday, I knew I simply had to dig out the recipe to share with you!

This is most likely not the restaurants exact recipe, but I do believe it is pretty close.
Try them and I know you will not be disappointed. The recipe makes a LOT of batter,
so if you are not baking for a crowd, simply bake what you want and store the rest of 
muffin batter in your refrigerator. It also helps to make the batter and let it sit for at
least 24 hours in the fridge before baking your first batch. In that 24 hours, the flavors 
of the cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg have time to mingle together and make magic.
When you taste these muffins, you will see what I mean!

Cypress Inn Muffins

1 15 oz box Raisin Bran cereal
2 and 1/2 cups sugar
5 cups all purpose flour
5 tsp baking soda
2 tsp salt
4 eggs
1 cup oil
1 qt buttermilk
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp ground nutmeg

Pour cereal into a really large bowl. Slightly crush cereal then add other dry ingredients. 

Next add wet ingredients. Mix well. This mixture can store in an airtight container in 
the refrigerator for 2 - 3 weeks.

Remember to let your batter sit 24 hours, or at least overnight before baking your first

When you are ready to bake, preheat oven to 400. Spray muffin tins with non stick spray. 
(Cypress Inn uses mini muffin tins to make their muffins.)  For mini muffin tins, fill tins 
2/3 full. Bake for 15 minutes.  

I have also made these using regular sized muffin tins. If you use the regular size, simply
bake longer.

These muffins are delicious hot or cold, and for breakfast, mid afternoon, or even for

Once you try these muffins, you may find yourself planning a road trip to Tuscaloosa
so you can eat these in the actual restaurant. If you go, you absolutely must try their
fried green tomatoes appetizer and the smoked chicken with white bbq sauce.
I will try to find my recipe for the white bbq sauce to share with you next week!
It is lip smacking good!

Happy baking!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Our Weekend in Living Color

Hello again to you and to a brand new week!

Rather than typing all about our weekend, I thought I would make a vlog and
let you spend the weekend with us.

We had a good one, even though it passed by really quickly as they all do.

Here is a really quick summary  :

- shopping

- Starbucks

- Miss S "got her hair did"

-  fur baby loving

-  grilling

-  lunch out on Sunday

-  Big Brother on T.V

Thanks for visiting today and I hope your Monday is awesome!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hello Fri-Yay!

I love Fridays because they mean less time at work and more time with family!

Our little family of three means the world to me!

Family time is even more precious than ever for us right now because in only 
three short weeks Miss S will be moving out and heading to Auburn University.
Let's just say this mama is hanging on as tightly as she can right now!

I love my girl!

But without further ado, let's take a look at this week's Friday Favorites!

I spotted this fun (and inspirational) make up bag at TJMaxx this week. So cute
and such a good reminder to live your life in full color. We only get one shot at
life, so why do we waste so much precious time trying to fit in with those around
us. Who cares, and why should we want to be ordinary?!

My favorite beauty product this week is the new charcoal mask from Mary Kay. It 
does a fantastic job of cleaning out the impurities hiding in your pores. If you haven't tried 
it yet, find a Mary Kay consultant and get yours a.s.a.p. I know you will love it too.

 I finally joined the rest of the women around the world and read an Emily Giffin book!
First I read Something Borrowed and I couldn't put it down.


As soon as I finished Something Borrowed, I immediately picked up Something Blue.
If possible, I think I loved this one even more than the first one. If you love to read,
and haven't read an Emily Giffin book, find one and get started immediately. They
are fantastic.


Here are some food items that are popular in our house right now.

The chips are a healthier alternative to Doritos, but taste very similar, and the wraps
have been making an appearance for a quick, easy lunch. Just add lunch meat and
other toppings of your choosing, wrap it up, and voila! Lunch is served. The gluten
free eater in our house is very happy she can once again eat something similar to a

Speaking of my gluten free girl, that is heading out on her own in 3 short weeks,
this is a quote that I thought was really fitting for this time in her life. I spotted this
print at TJMaxx.

And I will leave it at that because if I even attempt to say anything else about this
quote, or about her starting college in a month, I will break down and spend the next
several hours in tears. No time for that today, so I will leave it at that.

I've got some super exciting plans for the day, so I better start getting ready!
My parents are coming into town to have lunch with us and to spend some
time with us this afternoon. It is always wonderful to be able to spend quality
time with family!

Happy Friday everyone!

Anyone have tips on surviving your child moving away to college?

If you are a book lover, what Emily Giffin books do you love?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday everyone!

I can't for the life of me think of anything worth sharing today, but I did want
to pop in and say hello. 

Life during the last couple of days has consisted mostly of making a to-do list and 
trying to check as many things off the list as possible before falling into bed again 
at the end of another day.

Today is my busiest day of the work week, so not much exciting to share in that 
department either.

I do have some favorite things that I am excited to share with you for tomorrow's
Friday Favorites. I hope you will check back tomorrow for those!

Let me leave you with an interesting thought. Definitely something to consider...

I hope you are having a great week! 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Buy Something Pink!

Oh my goodness this morning was a zoo in our house. I kind of half expected
it, but still as it is happening, it's hard to remind yourself that the chaos is
not out of the ordinary, and should have even been expected.

Miss S is back to her daily babysitting schedule and was up at 6:00 a.m to get
ready to leave the house by 6:30. Hubby is always up by 6:00, so by 6:10 the 
dogs were in a complete and total state of pandemonium. It was like,

"Mommy must get up too or the world will surely end!" 

When Roo runs full speed through the house it's more of a challenge not to step 
on him, but when Hunter runs at full speed through the house, you start praying
that you don't get knocked to the ground like a bowling pin!

So here I am. Hubby and Miss S are out in the working world, and thankfully 
I have made it safely to my chair to sit and spend some time here with you.
I have a little while before I need to get ready to head out, and in a nice fairy tale 
world, I would have an unlimited budget to do a little online shopping to relax
from the morning chaos and to pass the time a bit. Unfortunately, we have a bill for 
over $10, 000 due to Auburn University by August 11, so it's looking like my old 
days of online shopping will be mostly online wishing for the next four years.

So, I'm going to stay here in my little fairy tale world and show you some things
that would be in my fairy tale online shopping cart.

I mentioned this one last week in this post...

To be able to zip around the house with this 5 pound, cord free vacuum would
be amazing. You just can't convince me that this wouldn't make my life easier!
And on the Dyson website, you can even customize your vacuum.

That's right friends. In my fairy tale world, I would be zipping through my house 
with a beautiful, cord-free Dyson V8 in PINK! 

Please tell me who wouldn't want this?!

I mean, what is $600 when it makes you happy AND makes your life easier?
Dyson should hire me to write their next commercial, yes? Or at least send
me their beautiful vacuum for free because I talk about it so much.

Okay, I get it, enough about the Dyson vacuum already....moving on...

Let's keep the rest of this fairy tale in the under $100 range, shall we?

I could really go for a new pair of running shoes. Now you all know I am
not a runner, but I am on my feet a good bit at work.

I am really liking these Altra shoes. If something has the color pink, it gets me 
every time, doesn't it?! I have really enjoyed my two pair of Altra's that I have,
and I am always up for a new pair. The cushioning and toe room is just phenomenal
in this shoe.

In keeping with the pink theme, I really want a pink Yeti Rambler. However,
I can't quite decide between the light pink or the bright pink. 

I would be happy with either, but if I had to pick an absolute favorite, I would
probably choose the bright pink.

I will show you two last things I've got my eye on, and then I will wrap up
this little online shopping fairy tale.

Jewelry is always a girl's favorite, and one can never have too much Kendra Scott.

I love these earrings...

These are the smaller Dani earrings in Rose Quartz..

I have several of the Dani earrings in other colors and two of the Elisa necklaces
and if you are looking for a little something for yourself, or for a special girl in
your life, you can not go wrong with either of these items. These styles are two
of my all time favorite things, and I would absolutely love to add the Rose Quartz
color to my collection.

Well, I don't know about y'all, but I feel better already!

Online shopping is fun! (Maybe even more fun than fighting the crowds in the
actual store.) Too bad my fairy tale shopping spree didn't come with actual money, ha!

Tell me, what are some things on your shopping wish list?

Do you have a signature color?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 17, 2017

24 Days, or 24 Hours?

Oh hello again Monday.

How was everyone's weekend?

Miss S is back home from her week long trip to the beach and we have 24 more
days until she moves into the dorms at Auburn University. My fear is that the
next 24 days are going to feel more like 24 hours. Gosh I know it is going to
pass by way too quickly!

But first things first. Let's take a quick peek at how happy the fur babies
were when Miss S got home on Saturday afternoon. This happy welcome
had been going on for a couple of minutes even before I thought to pick
up my phone to record so you can imagine what a warm welcome she

Having Miss S home was the high point of our weekend. We listened to tons
of stories from her trip and got to see all the goodies she bought while she was

Isn't the outfit she is wearing in the video adorable? I just love it. Her leggings
are from Victoria's Secret, her tank top and sports bra are from lululemon, and
her sandals are from Teva.

Luckily Miss S doesn't go back to her babysitting job until tomorrow so we can
have the day to get organized and back on the same page. I feel like we need to
go through all the college stuff we have bought, and all the miscellaneous
paperwork, etc. just to be sure we aren't missing anything. Also, drop and add
opens on Wednesday afternoon, so we need to get organized for that so she can
try to tweek her yucky, chaotic class schedule just a bit. Like I said, it just feels
like there is a lot to do and not that much time to get it all done.

Deep breath in.....

deep breath out....

It will all be okay...

I'm going to continue breathing in and breathing out for a few minutes,
so I will end this blog post here.

I will plan to see you back here tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Let's Get Caught Up, aka Picture Overload!

Last Friday, Miss S hit the road heading South for 8 days. She was so super
excited to go to the beach. She went with a friend from her graduating class
(and family.)

I immediately tried to occupy myself with projects around the house. I dropped the 
ball on the "Before" picture, but here is the "After" picture of my first little redo.

This is one wall in the area where our garden tub sits in our master bathroom.
The dark green walls are here to stay, because no one wants to tackle that type 
of undertaking! So, in order to lighten and brighten the area a bit, I opted for white

Before my little redo, there was one medium sized animal print type picture. The frame
was cheetah print and the picture had elephants, zebras, tigers, etc. in it.

The shelf that holds bath products was black and white zebra print before my redo.

First off, I painted over the zebra print pattern on the shelf and then paired down 
my bath product collection.

Next it was time for a new picture to replace the animal print.

Miss S had once upon a time had these frames in her bedroom. In one of her 
redecorating moods, these were one of the things she tossed. I gave the frames new life 
when I found printables from Pinterest that I wanted for the space, printed them out, 
added to the frames and then hung them. It may not be absolutely perfect or interior
designer approved, but I am happy with the update and that is what matters!

Also this week, I have rearranged drawers, cabinets, closets, and other small things
all while Miss S is doing this...

I'm happy she is able to spend some quality time with her friend because in just
a few short weeks, one heads to Auburn, and one heads to Mississippi State.

Times they are a changing my friends. Ready of not, they are changing.

My boys and I watched a Hallmark movie from the DVR this week. We watched 
The Art of Us. The male character was an upcoming artist / dogwalker, and
my boys were absolutely obsessed with this movie.

Hunter would sit completely still and stare up at the T.V screen. He would even 
whimper at times because he could see all the doggies on the screen.

Even Roo stopped playing for a few minutes to watch!

They were absolutely adorable watching the dogs on the screen. So, so cute!

Other doggie shenanigans...

Hubby gave Hunter a bath this week and when Hunter came back inside all soft and
clean, Roo had a fit. He barked and barked and barked at Hunter!

The only thing I can figure is that Hunter didn't smell like Hunter anymore. Instead he
smelled like shampoo and Roo was not having it! It took about an hour for Roo to 
calm down and accept the new squeaky clean version of Hunter.

This morning, my boys and I had pancakes together. They had their own pancake to

Yes, I do know they are rotten, hee hee! I say they are loved and all doggies should
be loved like they are.

Well, I need to get ready and head out for my hair cut appointment.

My laptop has been repaired again, and hopefully,  thanks to the Geek Squad at Best Buy,
it will stay that way. I plan to see you back here on Monday with a weekend recap.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

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