Monday, June 5, 2017

We're Home, Yay. We're Home, Boo.

Well, after a busy and fun filled week last week, I almost hate to sit down and
tell you about our weekend. I kind of feel like Hunter looks in this photo, ha.

Yes, it is really good to be home. Our home feels HUGE after sharing one hotel
room and ONE BATHROOM all week. It is also really good to be home with my
sweet fur babies. It is odd though, because after spending a week in a small hotel
room with a tiny, single serve coffee pot, a small microwave, and a teeny, tiny
refrigerator, our home almost feels excessive. After being away with only the
necessities of life, being back at home, I feel like we have so much "stuff." I am
feeling the need to purge and declutter.

But, I am trying to put those thoughts on hold for now and enjoy the next 8 weeks.
Miss S will be moving two hours away to college in only 8 short weeks, and once
that happens I will have plenty of time to purge and declutter. I am going to try to
postpone that project for August. I am certain that I will need lots to do to keep my
mind off the fact that my whole world, my heart is no longer living under our roof.

And on that note, I realized just how far OFF SUBJECT I just got! Oh my goodness.
I intended to talk about our weekend, and somehow got far, far off that subject, ha!
(I suppose that is a pretty good indication of how my brain is functioning right now.)

So, back to our weekend...

We got home from our trip to Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head, South Carolina
Friday afternoon around 4:00. It was a LONG, LONG, drive. We took a longer
route getting home because Hubby wanted to avoid Atlanta traffic. At any rate, we 
did finally make it home on Friday, and boy was I happy to see my Roo, Hunter,
and Shelley. 

We spent most of the weekend at home resting and relaxing and being happy that
we were not still riding in the car!

I did have to get groceries this weekend. Nothing too exciting there, but I did find
a new magazine while waiting in the checkout line.

Wow! From blogger, to author, to having her own cooking show and cookbooks...
Now in addition to her beautiful collection of kitchen goodies, she now has her
own magazine. Good job, Ree! The magazine is beautiful and is filled with the
beautiful, vibrant and happy colors that she is known for. 

In other news I have a new Netflix addiction. I have fallen for Catherine Bell and
James Denton in Good Witch. Catherine Bell plays the part of Cassie, and is such
a sweet, beautiful soul. She is a loving mom, faithful friend, and balances her home
and her shop with ease. (If only real life could be edited and glossed over like
it can be on T.V!)

I downloaded episodes onto my ipad to watch during the long car ride and now I am
hooked. Hubby has even watched several episodes with me since we arrived home. I 
probably should not admit it, but I have already completed Season 1 and am making 
my way through Season 2!

In video news...

I'm planning to make a "Spend the Day With Me" video today, so hopefully
I will have that ready to share with you in tomorrow's blog post. Hopefully I can
put enough cute footage of fur babies in that you won't be completely bored by
my life, ha ha.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Have you watched any of Good Witch?

What did you do this weekend?

Are you a Ree Drummond fan?


  1. Again, your videos were great. You put a lot of time into them. Thankfully, Julia doesn't go to the school until Aug. 24th. We are going to orientation on the 15th. Its almost 4 hrs. away. It was so nice having the boys home during college and they are still home. This will be different, she has her own presence. At least I have my baby for awhile yet. I love the Good Witch. I watch every Sunday night. I am very anxious to find that magazine , haven't seen it in the stores here yet.

    1. Thank you for reading, watching, commenting, and also for the positive comments! Miss S going 2 hours away is going to be hard enough on me, I am very thankful she won't be 4 hours away! I know what you mean about "having a presence." Even when Miss S is in her room, just having her home means so much. I'm glad you will have your other children home to keep you company! Have a wonderful day!

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