Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

- Friday -

Friday morning began here with me getting my hair trimmed.

After my hair appointment, I walked next door to browse around World Market.

I didn't find anything that I really needed, but I did find a bedroom furniture set that
I wouldn't mind having! If I could figure out how to use chalk paint to achieve a 
finish like this one, I would get to work on it immediately. Love!

After World Market, I popped in here...

Still didn't find anything that I really needed so I figured it was time to head

- Friday night -

Miss S was going to dinner with the girls for SC's birthday. Miss S likes to dress up
sometimes, and this is what she decided to wear...

- Saturday -

On Saturday, Miss S and I were going to go to the Farmer's Market, but instead
I decided to let her sleep in. Her babysitting job has her getting up at 6:00 
each morning to head to work, so I figured catching up on much needed sleep 
would be a better decision in the long run. Once she woke up, we went to the 
doctor to get any shots or boosters she needed for college. It turned out that she 
is up to date on shots and only needed a TB skin test.

Once we were done with the yucky doctor stuff, we did a little shopping just
for fun. We went to Ulta, Home Goods, Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

Saturday evening Miss S's almost roomie came over for dinner and to help
Miss S make their welcome mat for outside their dorm room door.

They had seen a mat like this online for $35, but Miss S knew she could make 
her own for a much better price.

They are so in love with their new welcome mat!

- Sunday -

Sunday afternoon Miss S and I went to the gym. We started with a little cardio; me
on the bike, and Miss S on the Stairmill.

After our cardio, Miss S did an upper body workout and I did a full body workout.

Sunday evening, Roo jumped up into this chair all by himself!

It took him a couple of tries but he did it!

Guess you could say he got in a lower body workout. My little fella is getting 
stronger muscles each day. What a little precious!

That was our weekend in a nutshell.

Have a great Monday!

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