Monday, June 26, 2017

Peach Madness + Dorm Shopping

Happy Monday everyone!

Hallelujah the sun is shining! It is nice to see the sunshine and hopefully have
a little break from all the rain and flooding. Our backyard has ruts in it from the
water rushing across it so briskly during the aftermath of Tropical Storm Cindy.

When I left you on Friday, I was taking this little red handful cutie to get his nails

Oh how he hated it! He squealed and hollered like they were cutting his whole foot off. 
(I was standing right there watching him and they were hardly even able to touch him.)
It was terribly traumatic for both of us, so we have got to figure out another
way to accomplish this task.

Friday evening, we were having more rain and wind, and about 6:30, our power
went out. As a mom of a child who is only 45 days away from moving away to
college, the power going out was a gift straight from heaven. It was wonderful!
We all sat in the family room together with nothing but candlelight and laughter.
I was so thrilled that we had this precious time together.

Roo and Hunter figured that if the power was out, it was the perfect time for
a little nap...

Hunter can hardly believe that Roo turned him into his own heated little nap spot!

- Saturday -

On Saturday, Hubby planned a family fun day!

We went to Clanton to go to Peach Park and Durbin Farms.

Here is the Peach Park sign from the interstate...

When we took the exit, we were shocked to find out that something unusual
was taking place in Clanton. Typically, Clanton is a small, sleepy little town
without much traffic or commotion. Not so on this Saturday. Traffic was backed
up for miles in each direction. Going left to Peach Park did not seem to be an
option, so we headed to Durbin Farms first.

After asking around, we discovered it was Peach Week in Clanton. They were
having a Peach Festival, a Peach Pageant, and lots of other festivities celebrating
their famous Chilton County peaches. It was a zoo in Clanton! Thankfully, we were
out of the car and in a great place to spend some time browsing.

Miss S and I immediately spotted some football decor...

Life has a sense of humor, because this Bama grad is soon to be an AU mom.

After we browsed around at the home decor goodies, we turned our attention to getting
some fresh fruits and veggies.

Hubby and Miss S found fresh peaches!

When we finished looking around Durbin Farms, we braved the traffic to go just down
the road to Peach Park. When we crossed over the interstate, we spotted all the
traffic headed south, most likely to the beach... So glad we were not caught in that!

And we made it...

Along with all the rest of the crowd that wanted a break from the traffic!

It didn't take me long to spot a really cute t-shirt...

After browsing around a bit, Miss S was over the crowds of people getting in her
personal space, so it was time to head toward the checkout.

It was close to lunch time and I think she was getting hangry, ha ha.


We went to a new restaurant in Clanton called The Neighborhood Grill.

The food was pretty good. I won't leave home and drive to Clanton to eat there again,
but if I was already in Clanton, I would certainly go back.

We headed back home after lunch because Miss S was ready to start dorm 
shopping. The huge shopping list was weighing on her mind, and she wanted
to get started with it.

Once we dropped Hubby off at home, and visited with the fur babies for a few minutes,
Miss S and I were off to Walmart.

And $335.85 later here she is...

Dorm shopping was a mixed bag of emotions, but has to be done.

She's worth it though. As a matter of fact, I think Miss S is the...

According to Miss S, we are now about 70% finished with dorm supply shopping.
She is happy to have a large chunk of it out of the way and feels a little more
relaxed since we are getting things ready.

By the time we made it home from dorm shopping it was dinner time, 
and Miss S stayed home with us once again!

I can't even remember the last time we had our baby girl home with us two
nights in a row!

- Sunday -

Sunday was way less eventful than Saturday. We had church, lunch at Mother-in-law's, 
and then I had a staff meeting at work. Those darn meetings come around way 
too frequently if you ask me!

I'll see you tomorrow!

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