Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh My Head, Oh My Heart....Part 2

Friday, June 16 marked Day 2 of Camp War Eagle (freshman orientation.)

(If you missed the post about Day 1, you can read it here.)

Hubby and I arrived back onto Auburn's campus around 6:45 a.m and Miss S checked 
out of Eagle Hall at 7:00 a.m. 

We loaded Miss S and her bags into our car and then moved our car back over to 
the stadium parking deck to park for Day 2.

Miss S had her first session on the 2nd floor of the Student Center, and parents had 
their first session on the 3rd floor. Many of the other parents had the same dazed,
depressed and exhausted looks that Hubby and I had. Coming to terms with the fact
that your precious baby is going away to college, learning what is expected of you
as parents and of them as students is an overwhelming and heart wrenching activity.

After our morning sessions, parents and students were grouped according to the
students chosen major. This was complete chaos! The various colleges were not
in alphabetical order, so not only did we have to find our child, we also had to walk
among over 20 various colleges to find the College of Business. All the while people
were yelling, "They are leaving us! How do we know where to go?"

We found Miss S and the College of Business and joined the caravan as they led us
where we were supposed to go next. By this time, it was getting hot outside and
somehow every part of Auburn's campus is uphill. I swear everywhere we walked
was uphill, or upstairs!

I quickly snapped a picture as we walked past the Haley Center on our way to the 
business school.

We spent a good part of the morning in the College of Business before parents
walked back to the Student Center for MORE SESSIONS.

Finally it was time to find Miss S again and walk to lunch. It took about 10 minutes
to meet up with her, and then another 5 minutes to walk to lunch, and then we stood
in a long line (OUTSIDE IN THE HOT SUN) waiting for our turn to order.

We ate lunch on Friday at Plains 2 Plate. You can read more about Plains 2 Plate here.

It is the first certified gluten-free restaurant on a college campus in the nation!
Yay for Auburn and yay for Miss S!

The line was ridiculously long, but the food was fantastic. This meal was the
best meal we had during our whole trip.

Miss S and I both got the Mell Wrap with chicken salad. She got fruit as her side,
and I got the Black Eyed Pea fritters.

I know Black Eyed Pea fritters sound extremely weird but they were out of this world
delicious. If I had the recipe, I would have already tried to make them at home.

Miss S had to rush back to her group for another session and for registration.
Her schedule did not turn out the way she hoped at all, so she walked away from
that part of orientation pretty stressed out.

Once we finally finished up with all the sessions and the business fair finale, we
practically ran back to the parking deck. We were all "done" and ready to be away
from the crowds, the chaos, and the stress. I feel like we earned a t-shirt that says
"We survived Camp War Eagle" or maybe even "Camp War Eagle Survivor."

I was happy to get home and back to this precious little face!

On Saturday, we spent a quiet day at home recovering. Miss S did go out to
dinner Saturday night with her roomie. They had lots of dorm decor ideas to

On Sunday, we had the whole family together for Father's Day.

Miss S and Hubby...

Hubby, Miss S and Papa...

and me and my daddy...

And that wraps up our weekend!

I will see you again on Thursday!

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