Monday, June 19, 2017

Oh My Head, Oh My Heart...Part 1

Last Wednesday, Hubby, Miss S and I headed off to attend freshman orientation
at Auburn University for Miss S. I was apprehensive about the whole thing but
was trying to hold it together and not be the crazy emotional mom. 

We arrived in Auburn on Wednesday evening and Miss S wanted to eat at a restaurant 
her friends had told her about.

The food was okay, but we did have a good time talking and laughing together over
our meal. After dinner we rode through the Auburn campus to be sure we knew 
exactly where Miss S would be checking in on Thursday morning. With check in at 
7:30 a.m, we knew we wouldn't have time to waste on getting lost Thursday morning.

After a brief ride through campus, we headed off to find our hotel. All the hotels
in Auburn were booked, so we were staying in a hotel in near by Opelika.

The next morning, we left our hotel at 7:00 a.m to head to campus. Then we got
parked and walked with Miss S to the dorm where she would be spending Thursday

We went up to the dorm room with her and helped her settle in. So far, I was holding
it together pretty well. Despite the fact that every orientation counselor was wearing
bright orange Auburn golf shirts and navy blue shorts and yelling "War Eagle!" at
any one that passed by.


As soon as we had Miss S checked into her room, Hubby and I had to tell her goodbye 
and quickly move our vehicle across campus to the stadium parking deck. Once we were 
parked, we had to go to parents check in at the AU Student Center.

The orientation kept parents and students separated for the majority of the day
on Thursday. After a morning filled with speakers and of hearing  "War Eagle!"
at least 50 more times, Hubby and I were overwhelmed and ready to find Miss
S and run far, far away with her. As a parent, we are just not ready to let our one
and only baby grow up and leave the nest, and as two Alabama fans, we were 
growing quite weary of the Auburn spirit.

When the parents sessions finally broke for lunch, Hubby and I were too brain
dead and overwhelmed to make much of a decision about where to pick up lunch,
so the first and easiest option seemed to be Papa John's Pizza in the Student Center.

After lunch, there were more informational sessions. Finally it was time to meet Miss S
and tour a dorm that would be very similar to the one she will be living in during her
freshman year.

 Seeing Miss S and knowing that she was doing okay, and even enjoying herself,
made us feel a little bit better, but the heat and humidity, and crowds, and feeling
so lost, overwhelmed, emotional, and confused was quickly getting the best of me.

Did I mention the heat and humidity?

On top of being an emotional wreck, I looked like this the entire time...

It was not a good time emotionally for me, and even my hair seemed to know it!

After our dorm tour, Miss S had to head off to more student meetings, and Hubby
had to get me off campus before I had a total meltdown.

On our way back to our hotel, we made a quick stop for a treat...

This about wraps up Day 1 of Camp War Eagle.

Come back tomorrow to see how we faired during Day 2, and also how
we spent Father's Day.

Have a happy Monday!

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