Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kitty's Cravings and What's Next

Kitty Shelley is completely crazy over cereal milk. She can be sound asleep
anywhere in the house, but if someone fixes a bowl of cereal she immediately
appears front and center. She will hunt you down and stalk you aggressively
as you hurriedly shove each spoonful of cereal into your mouth before she puts
her paw in your bowl claiming the leftover milk as her own.

Miss S was trying to enjoy a snack of Lucky Charms cereal on the couch and out
popped Shelley. The stalking began...

She makes it abundantly clear that you are taking too long and she wants the leftover
milk sweetened by the cereal, right now!

Finally.... a content kitty.

When she finishes your her milk, she will find a cozy place to stretch out and begin
a milk induced blissful nap. Ahhh, the life of Shelley. I wouldn't mind living it for
a few hours, haha.

Coming soon ...

When I began this blog I would often share recipes and workouts. I have not done as 
much of that lately. I realize it is hard to share recipes that are right for everyone, as 
some readers prefer low-carb meals, some readers prefer vegetarian meals, some 
readers have even more specific needs such as Miss S who is gluten-free, and low-fat.

I would like to have a day, or at least a portion of a blog post that is devoted to meal
planning, meal prep, recipes, or workouts. I also would like to try to get back to a 
more natural way of life in the cleaning products used, etc. All of these things are
thoughts that are bouncing around in my brain, so you may see some of these things
popping into posts in the future.

As of right now, I am in the gathering and planning stages only, but I do want
to offer a few sites that I have found that offer healthy meal ideas in case you are
ready to get a jump into your healthy lifestyle right now. If you find a recipe you 
love, feel free to share the link with me! 

Running With Spoons  (I prefer her breakfast/snack recipes more than dinner recipes.)

Dashing Dish  (About 25% of her recipes are free on her site.)

Iowa Girl Eats  (Gluten Free blog)

Stay tuned to see how I manage to incorporate healthier life principles into both
my life and the blog. Suggestions and comments are welcomed!

We will be heading to Auburn for freshman orientation tomorrow, so I won't
see you again until Monday. The orientation sessions begin at 7:30 each morning.

Ack! Ugh! Eww!

Isn't it bad enough they are trying to take my child from me? Do they have to rob 
me of my beauty sleep too?!

See you Monday!

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