Thursday, June 8, 2017

Growing and Gaining Speed

My little angel turned FIVE months old yesterday!

Roo is growing and is gaining speed! (And if it's possible, I think he gets more 
and more adorable with each passing day!)

He is so quick that if he doesn't want to be caught, it is quite the challenge.
When I leave the house for work, I want to put him in his gated play area to keep 
him safe, but some days he gives me quite the run around to get him there. And if 
he finds a piece of fuzz on the floor, it takes all three of us to chase him down
to retrieve it. It is his version of a game of chase!

He still loves sunning in the front windows each morning. Hunter will join him
sometimes just to be close to him.

Hunter has no idea he is blocking most of Roo's sun!

These boys are a little bit of a mess, but a whole lot of love!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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