Thursday, June 29, 2017

Good Lessons, Bad Lessons, and a Vlog!

Happy Thursday everyone!

A good lesson...

Thanks to my sweet and smart mom, this blog post today is possible. While I was
whining to her about my computer doing it's old tricks again, she suggested I try 
calling the Geek Squad support number before hauling my laptop back to a Best Buy 
store again. The issue I was having is the same problem I have had before where 
the computer will randomly (and permanently) disconnect itself from our wifi and 
switch itself to airplane mode.

I am not a big fan of calling strangers on the phone, especially about techy stuff, but
I took my mom's advice and took a chance. A very nice lady took my call, and 
after only a few minutes, she had my computer back online and working perfectly.
She even stayed on the phone with me as I wrote down step by step how to repair
the issue myself the next time. I am so happy this was an easy fix! That was so much
better than hauling my laptop to a store, then waiting two or more days while they
run various diagnostic tests before finally making the repairs.

This was a good lesson, and when my laptop tried to start that mess with me again
last night,  I was able to take care of it myself!

A bad lesson...

Miss S and I were talking about the new Matcha craze we have been hearing about
and decided we wanted to try the Iced Green Tea Latte at Starbucks.

Have you heard about the benefits of Matcha?

(When I read that it enhanced mood, that alone sold me, ha ha. With Miss S moving
away to college soon, mood enhancement is high on my list!)

We were near Starbucks yesterday afternoon and got our green tea latte around 5:00.
The taste was fair; I didn't love it, but didn't hate it. I think I will try it as a hot drink
if I decide to try it again though. The Matcha powder did not completely dissolve
in the iced version, so I'm curious if that will change the taste at all in the hot version.

Unfortunately with all the excitement over Matcha, I forgot one thing...

Green tea has caffeine.

It was after midnight (and after taking melatonin) before I was able to fall asleep.

Note to self.... NO caffeine ever! Especially after lunch! Definitely a bad lesson learned.

And on a lighter note, here is a just for fun vlog of my day yesterday. I hope you will
watch and enjoy.

Have an awesome day and thanks for visiting!

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