Friday, June 23, 2017

Freaky Friday

Oh my goodness, with all this rain, I am trapped in the house with two wild 
animals! These puppies are wild as can be. I am not sure who is the worst
influence. It's a bad case of "monkey see, monkey do" around here and poor
Shelley and I are tired from all the crazy.

This little one...

absolutely has to have a nail trim today. Every time he comes near it's like being
attacked by Edward Scissorhands. My right leg and my left arm look a little 
like I've been in a knife fight.

I'm not thrilled about getting out in the rain, and he isn't going to be thrilled about
getting his nails done, but it absolutely MUST happen today.

He has also decided this week that he is no longer happy sleeping in his pack
and play.

Where did my sweet little cuddly baby go? 

Tropical storm Cindy, can I blame this on you?

I want my Roo snuggles back.

Oh and this one...

This one hasn't been able to run and play outside this week, and he is about to lose
his mind. He has so much pent up energy, he may pop at any moment.



Well, unfortunately, my to do list for the day and weekend is plenty long,
so I suppose I should stop my whining procrastinating and get moving.

However, the temptation to spend the day here....

is very, very strong! ha!

Have a wonderful weekend! If you have sunshine where you are, please send
some my way!

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