Thursday, June 22, 2017

Balance Restored

Due to Tropical Storm Cindy, we are getting plenty of rain this week.


It's the kind of weather that makes me want to hibernate inside and avoid it!

But unfortunately, the world seems to be carrying on as usual, despite the rainy,
rainy conditions, so I suppose the sooner I come to terms with it, the better.

So, without further ado, let me share a highlight from my week with you.

On Tuesday, Miss S and I went to Tuscaloosa! After spending two stressful days
in Auburn last week, a day spent in my beloved Tuscaloosa was just what I 
needed. I feel like balance has been restored to my life, ha ha.

Miss S was shopping for outfits to wear during Rush and wanted to go to a few
places that we don't have here in Birmingham. Two places she wanted to go 
(Market House and Tru Identity) have even made the "Best Shops in America" page.

While Miss S browsed at clothes, I found this cute sign at Tru Identity that made me

Miss S didn't find anything she liked here, so our next stop was ellie.

She did find a cute pair of shorts that she will wear on one of the days during Rush.

Just a couple of doors down from ellie, was insomnia cookies. I had never heard
of this place before, but apparently Birmingham has one too and it is kind of a
big deal. (I suppose I'm out of the cool kids loop! Oh and apparently when you
open your own store, capitalizing the name is optional. Neither ellie, nor insomnia
cookies is capitalized on the store.)

Well, if you know me at all, then you know I am not going to pass up an
opportunity to indulge in a warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookie, so of course
a quick stop inside was needed.

My cookie was delicious, but I wouldn't say it was out of this world. I definitely
enjoyed it, but I am not going to rush out to find the insomnia cookies in

After a little afternoon snack, we went to my favorite store of the day. Neither one
of us had ever been there before, but it was such a cute place. If you are ever near
Tuscaloosa, you shouldn't miss Market House. It is located right on the Black
Warrior River in Tuscaloosa, and this location is breathtaking. 

It was a little difficult to get pictures inside that capture how cute this shop is,
but here are a couple.

Here is Miss S browsing the Natural Life section.

I found a piece of life advice from a drink coozie. If only I could follow this advice!

Miss S bought a couple of bracelets, and here is what I bought at Market House.

A Natural Life magnet for the back of my car, and a smiley face car coaster for inside.
No, I didn't really need either one, but they are just so cute, and they made me smile.
I'm a sucker for things that make me smile!

No trip to Tuscaloosa is complete without a quick stop in the most adorable coffee shop

I got 1/2 pound bags of my favorite flavored decaf coffee...

A day of shopping with my favorite girl, and a glimpse of Bryant Denny Stadium
was just what I needed this week. We had a great time!

Well, today is my busy day, so I had better get going.

I'll see you tomorrow!

Roll Tide!

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