Friday, June 23, 2017

Freaky Friday

Oh my goodness, with all this rain, I am trapped in the house with two wild 
animals! These puppies are wild as can be. I am not sure who is the worst
influence. It's a bad case of "monkey see, monkey do" around here and poor
Shelley and I are tired from all the crazy.

This little one...

absolutely has to have a nail trim today. Every time he comes near it's like being
attacked by Edward Scissorhands. My right leg and my left arm look a little 
like I've been in a knife fight.

I'm not thrilled about getting out in the rain, and he isn't going to be thrilled about
getting his nails done, but it absolutely MUST happen today.

He has also decided this week that he is no longer happy sleeping in his pack
and play.

Where did my sweet little cuddly baby go? 

Tropical storm Cindy, can I blame this on you?

I want my Roo snuggles back.

Oh and this one...

This one hasn't been able to run and play outside this week, and he is about to lose
his mind. He has so much pent up energy, he may pop at any moment.



Well, unfortunately, my to do list for the day and weekend is plenty long,
so I suppose I should stop my whining procrastinating and get moving.

However, the temptation to spend the day here....

is very, very strong! ha!

Have a wonderful weekend! If you have sunshine where you are, please send
some my way!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Balance Restored

Due to Tropical Storm Cindy, we are getting plenty of rain this week.


It's the kind of weather that makes me want to hibernate inside and avoid it!

But unfortunately, the world seems to be carrying on as usual, despite the rainy,
rainy conditions, so I suppose the sooner I come to terms with it, the better.

So, without further ado, let me share a highlight from my week with you.

On Tuesday, Miss S and I went to Tuscaloosa! After spending two stressful days
in Auburn last week, a day spent in my beloved Tuscaloosa was just what I 
needed. I feel like balance has been restored to my life, ha ha.

Miss S was shopping for outfits to wear during Rush and wanted to go to a few
places that we don't have here in Birmingham. Two places she wanted to go 
(Market House and Tru Identity) have even made the "Best Shops in America" page.

While Miss S browsed at clothes, I found this cute sign at Tru Identity that made me

Miss S didn't find anything she liked here, so our next stop was ellie.

She did find a cute pair of shorts that she will wear on one of the days during Rush.

Just a couple of doors down from ellie, was insomnia cookies. I had never heard
of this place before, but apparently Birmingham has one too and it is kind of a
big deal. (I suppose I'm out of the cool kids loop! Oh and apparently when you
open your own store, capitalizing the name is optional. Neither ellie, nor insomnia
cookies is capitalized on the store.)

Well, if you know me at all, then you know I am not going to pass up an
opportunity to indulge in a warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookie, so of course
a quick stop inside was needed.

My cookie was delicious, but I wouldn't say it was out of this world. I definitely
enjoyed it, but I am not going to rush out to find the insomnia cookies in

After a little afternoon snack, we went to my favorite store of the day. Neither one
of us had ever been there before, but it was such a cute place. If you are ever near
Tuscaloosa, you shouldn't miss Market House. It is located right on the Black
Warrior River in Tuscaloosa, and this location is breathtaking. 

It was a little difficult to get pictures inside that capture how cute this shop is,
but here are a couple.

Here is Miss S browsing the Natural Life section.

I found a piece of life advice from a drink coozie. If only I could follow this advice!

Miss S bought a couple of bracelets, and here is what I bought at Market House.

A Natural Life magnet for the back of my car, and a smiley face car coaster for inside.
No, I didn't really need either one, but they are just so cute, and they made me smile.
I'm a sucker for things that make me smile!

No trip to Tuscaloosa is complete without a quick stop in the most adorable coffee shop

I got 1/2 pound bags of my favorite flavored decaf coffee...

A day of shopping with my favorite girl, and a glimpse of Bryant Denny Stadium
was just what I needed this week. We had a great time!

Well, today is my busy day, so I had better get going.

I'll see you tomorrow!

Roll Tide!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh My Head, Oh My Heart....Part 2

Friday, June 16 marked Day 2 of Camp War Eagle (freshman orientation.)

(If you missed the post about Day 1, you can read it here.)

Hubby and I arrived back onto Auburn's campus around 6:45 a.m and Miss S checked 
out of Eagle Hall at 7:00 a.m. 

We loaded Miss S and her bags into our car and then moved our car back over to 
the stadium parking deck to park for Day 2.

Miss S had her first session on the 2nd floor of the Student Center, and parents had 
their first session on the 3rd floor. Many of the other parents had the same dazed,
depressed and exhausted looks that Hubby and I had. Coming to terms with the fact
that your precious baby is going away to college, learning what is expected of you
as parents and of them as students is an overwhelming and heart wrenching activity.

After our morning sessions, parents and students were grouped according to the
students chosen major. This was complete chaos! The various colleges were not
in alphabetical order, so not only did we have to find our child, we also had to walk
among over 20 various colleges to find the College of Business. All the while people
were yelling, "They are leaving us! How do we know where to go?"

We found Miss S and the College of Business and joined the caravan as they led us
where we were supposed to go next. By this time, it was getting hot outside and
somehow every part of Auburn's campus is uphill. I swear everywhere we walked
was uphill, or upstairs!

I quickly snapped a picture as we walked past the Haley Center on our way to the 
business school.

We spent a good part of the morning in the College of Business before parents
walked back to the Student Center for MORE SESSIONS.

Finally it was time to find Miss S again and walk to lunch. It took about 10 minutes
to meet up with her, and then another 5 minutes to walk to lunch, and then we stood
in a long line (OUTSIDE IN THE HOT SUN) waiting for our turn to order.

We ate lunch on Friday at Plains 2 Plate. You can read more about Plains 2 Plate here.

It is the first certified gluten-free restaurant on a college campus in the nation!
Yay for Auburn and yay for Miss S!

The line was ridiculously long, but the food was fantastic. This meal was the
best meal we had during our whole trip.

Miss S and I both got the Mell Wrap with chicken salad. She got fruit as her side,
and I got the Black Eyed Pea fritters.

I know Black Eyed Pea fritters sound extremely weird but they were out of this world
delicious. If I had the recipe, I would have already tried to make them at home.

Miss S had to rush back to her group for another session and for registration.
Her schedule did not turn out the way she hoped at all, so she walked away from
that part of orientation pretty stressed out.

Once we finally finished up with all the sessions and the business fair finale, we
practically ran back to the parking deck. We were all "done" and ready to be away
from the crowds, the chaos, and the stress. I feel like we earned a t-shirt that says
"We survived Camp War Eagle" or maybe even "Camp War Eagle Survivor."

I was happy to get home and back to this precious little face!

On Saturday, we spent a quiet day at home recovering. Miss S did go out to
dinner Saturday night with her roomie. They had lots of dorm decor ideas to

On Sunday, we had the whole family together for Father's Day.

Miss S and Hubby...

Hubby, Miss S and Papa...

and me and my daddy...

And that wraps up our weekend!

I will see you again on Thursday!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Oh My Head, Oh My Heart...Part 1

Last Wednesday, Hubby, Miss S and I headed off to attend freshman orientation
at Auburn University for Miss S. I was apprehensive about the whole thing but
was trying to hold it together and not be the crazy emotional mom. 

We arrived in Auburn on Wednesday evening and Miss S wanted to eat at a restaurant 
her friends had told her about.

The food was okay, but we did have a good time talking and laughing together over
our meal. After dinner we rode through the Auburn campus to be sure we knew 
exactly where Miss S would be checking in on Thursday morning. With check in at 
7:30 a.m, we knew we wouldn't have time to waste on getting lost Thursday morning.

After a brief ride through campus, we headed off to find our hotel. All the hotels
in Auburn were booked, so we were staying in a hotel in near by Opelika.

The next morning, we left our hotel at 7:00 a.m to head to campus. Then we got
parked and walked with Miss S to the dorm where she would be spending Thursday

We went up to the dorm room with her and helped her settle in. So far, I was holding
it together pretty well. Despite the fact that every orientation counselor was wearing
bright orange Auburn golf shirts and navy blue shorts and yelling "War Eagle!" at
any one that passed by.


As soon as we had Miss S checked into her room, Hubby and I had to tell her goodbye 
and quickly move our vehicle across campus to the stadium parking deck. Once we were 
parked, we had to go to parents check in at the AU Student Center.

The orientation kept parents and students separated for the majority of the day
on Thursday. After a morning filled with speakers and of hearing  "War Eagle!"
at least 50 more times, Hubby and I were overwhelmed and ready to find Miss
S and run far, far away with her. As a parent, we are just not ready to let our one
and only baby grow up and leave the nest, and as two Alabama fans, we were 
growing quite weary of the Auburn spirit.

When the parents sessions finally broke for lunch, Hubby and I were too brain
dead and overwhelmed to make much of a decision about where to pick up lunch,
so the first and easiest option seemed to be Papa John's Pizza in the Student Center.

After lunch, there were more informational sessions. Finally it was time to meet Miss S
and tour a dorm that would be very similar to the one she will be living in during her
freshman year.

 Seeing Miss S and knowing that she was doing okay, and even enjoying herself,
made us feel a little bit better, but the heat and humidity, and crowds, and feeling
so lost, overwhelmed, emotional, and confused was quickly getting the best of me.

Did I mention the heat and humidity?

On top of being an emotional wreck, I looked like this the entire time...

It was not a good time emotionally for me, and even my hair seemed to know it!

After our dorm tour, Miss S had to head off to more student meetings, and Hubby
had to get me off campus before I had a total meltdown.

On our way back to our hotel, we made a quick stop for a treat...

This about wraps up Day 1 of Camp War Eagle.

Come back tomorrow to see how we faired during Day 2, and also how
we spent Father's Day.

Have a happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kitty's Cravings and What's Next

Kitty Shelley is completely crazy over cereal milk. She can be sound asleep
anywhere in the house, but if someone fixes a bowl of cereal she immediately
appears front and center. She will hunt you down and stalk you aggressively
as you hurriedly shove each spoonful of cereal into your mouth before she puts
her paw in your bowl claiming the leftover milk as her own.

Miss S was trying to enjoy a snack of Lucky Charms cereal on the couch and out
popped Shelley. The stalking began...

She makes it abundantly clear that you are taking too long and she wants the leftover
milk sweetened by the cereal, right now!

Finally.... a content kitty.

When she finishes your her milk, she will find a cozy place to stretch out and begin
a milk induced blissful nap. Ahhh, the life of Shelley. I wouldn't mind living it for
a few hours, haha.

Coming soon ...

When I began this blog I would often share recipes and workouts. I have not done as 
much of that lately. I realize it is hard to share recipes that are right for everyone, as 
some readers prefer low-carb meals, some readers prefer vegetarian meals, some 
readers have even more specific needs such as Miss S who is gluten-free, and low-fat.

I would like to have a day, or at least a portion of a blog post that is devoted to meal
planning, meal prep, recipes, or workouts. I also would like to try to get back to a 
more natural way of life in the cleaning products used, etc. All of these things are
thoughts that are bouncing around in my brain, so you may see some of these things
popping into posts in the future.

As of right now, I am in the gathering and planning stages only, but I do want
to offer a few sites that I have found that offer healthy meal ideas in case you are
ready to get a jump into your healthy lifestyle right now. If you find a recipe you 
love, feel free to share the link with me! 

Running With Spoons  (I prefer her breakfast/snack recipes more than dinner recipes.)

Dashing Dish  (About 25% of her recipes are free on her site.)

Iowa Girl Eats  (Gluten Free blog)

Stay tuned to see how I manage to incorporate healthier life principles into both
my life and the blog. Suggestions and comments are welcomed!

We will be heading to Auburn for freshman orientation tomorrow, so I won't
see you again until Monday. The orientation sessions begin at 7:30 each morning.

Ack! Ugh! Eww!

Isn't it bad enough they are trying to take my child from me? Do they have to rob 
me of my beauty sleep too?!

See you Monday!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

- Friday -

Friday morning began here with me getting my hair trimmed.

After my hair appointment, I walked next door to browse around World Market.

I didn't find anything that I really needed, but I did find a bedroom furniture set that
I wouldn't mind having! If I could figure out how to use chalk paint to achieve a 
finish like this one, I would get to work on it immediately. Love!

After World Market, I popped in here...

Still didn't find anything that I really needed so I figured it was time to head

- Friday night -

Miss S was going to dinner with the girls for SC's birthday. Miss S likes to dress up
sometimes, and this is what she decided to wear...

- Saturday -

On Saturday, Miss S and I were going to go to the Farmer's Market, but instead
I decided to let her sleep in. Her babysitting job has her getting up at 6:00 
each morning to head to work, so I figured catching up on much needed sleep 
would be a better decision in the long run. Once she woke up, we went to the 
doctor to get any shots or boosters she needed for college. It turned out that she 
is up to date on shots and only needed a TB skin test.

Once we were done with the yucky doctor stuff, we did a little shopping just
for fun. We went to Ulta, Home Goods, Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

Saturday evening Miss S's almost roomie came over for dinner and to help
Miss S make their welcome mat for outside their dorm room door.

They had seen a mat like this online for $35, but Miss S knew she could make 
her own for a much better price.

They are so in love with their new welcome mat!

- Sunday -

Sunday afternoon Miss S and I went to the gym. We started with a little cardio; me
on the bike, and Miss S on the Stairmill.

After our cardio, Miss S did an upper body workout and I did a full body workout.

Sunday evening, Roo jumped up into this chair all by himself!

It took him a couple of tries but he did it!

Guess you could say he got in a lower body workout. My little fella is getting 
stronger muscles each day. What a little precious!

That was our weekend in a nutshell.

Have a great Monday!

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