Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Truth Tuesday

Hello everyone! Who's up for a quick version of...

Truth #1

I am waist deep in forms that have to be filled out online for Miss S before
she attends freshman orientation on June 14. It is crazy all of the information 
they need, and all the steps you must take before orientation. If I had not watched 
the informational parent webinar on Sunday night, we would not have had a clue!

This is how I feel about all of it right now...

Truth #2

Yesterday was supposed to be a fun and relaxing morning of running errands with 
Miss S, but we ended up feeling rushed and not relaxed at all. Instead of enjoying 
ourselves, I was making phone calls and trying to schedule doctor appointments, 
and also we felt rushed because she had to drop me back off at home before going 
to pick up her graduation tickets at the school at her assigned time.


Since yesterday just didn't do anything to help my nerves or my state of mental
health, I think that I will take a break from the online paperwork and head over
to do some relaxed, slow, and casual browsing at Target and TJMaxx. Miss S is
off at the Senior Graduation Breakfast and will them be bused with all the other
seniors over to graduation practice. I might as well take a little time for myself
while she is busy with all of that!  Trust me, my mental health needs some 

Truth #3

Tomorrow, whether I am ready or not, this will happen at 2:00...

Miss S and I have to be there at 12:30 for her to get lined up and get last minute
information. The doors will open at 1:00.

Truth #4

I ordered shoes to wear to her graduation and they have not even shipped yet!
Looks like some frantic shoe shopping will be on my to do list for today too.
Ugh. I do not enjoy shopping when I HAVE to have something. I prefer to browse
and discover hidden treasures. That is way more enjoyable to me.

Truth #5

I feel like I need a little break so I will be taking Wednesday and Thursday off
from blogging. My brain just feels a bit overwhelmed and tired!

I appreciate your love and understanding, and I will see you back here on FRIDAY!

Thanks for reading!

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