Thursday, May 4, 2017

Little Bitty Roo and Positive Printables For Moms

Hello Thursday!

Roo and I are getting ready to head out for his final "puppy check-up" at 
the vet today. After this round of vaccines he will safely be able to walk
outside and will be safe to go around other dogs. However, I don't for see many
of those things happening any time soon because he is still so tiny! It's hard to tell
in pictures, but trust me he is still a teeny, tiny, little fellow. I can not even imagine
trying to find a collar and leash for him right now.

He will be turning four months old on Sunday, and I am not in a rush to get him
 on the ground and walking, so I think we will wait for him to grow a little more.
We may even have to look at making modifications to our deck
(which is on the second story of the house.)

Right now I don't even let him go outside because due to his small size, he could
fall right through the rails. That thought scares me to death!

On a more positive note, I was contacted by Personal Creations about sharing 
some beautiful printables with you. These printables are all about MOMS!

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful, but also can be one of the toughest jobs
in the world.  Mothers work day and night for their children, and take no sick days. 
Unfortunately,  many moms  feel as though they're not doing enough. The creative 
minds at Personal Creations don't think that's fair! That's why they created a collection 
of illustrated positive affirmations for Mom. Printable and easy to assemble into a 
tear-away booklet, they're the perfect thoughtful gift for Mother's Day.

Here is a sneak peek from their flickr of the lovely printables...

Click here to read all 52 positive affirmations and for complete instructions on how
to print and assemble your beautiful booklet. Print one for yourself and for a mom
friend that loves pretty things and may need a little positivity in her day.

I hope the free printables brighten your day, and I will see you again tomorrow!

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