Monday, May 15, 2017

Let's Catch Up!

Happy new week everyone!

When I left you last Thursday, life around here was a big hot mess. The puppies were
wide open, and everything was happening at once. Friday morning seemed to continue
in the same way, so a blog post just did not happen on Friday. But, I am back now and
ready to talk all about our weekend!

- Friday -

Friday afternoon, Hubby and I, along with the pianist from our church (and her husband)
headed to Montgomery to see Celtic Woman in concert at the Montgomery Performing
Arts Center in downtown Montgomery.

We arrived early, so we took a few minutes to drive over a few blocks to see the state

Soon, Hubby could wait no longer, and was ready to get to the MPAC and wait to see 
Celtic Woman. He has wanted to see them live for years, so he was so pumped!

Finally it was time...

I wasn't sure what to expect, and since you know how I feel about crowds and loud
noises, I was a little apprehensive. But, they were fantastic. They are so talented and 
really put on a fun show. I would go back again for sure. You can click here to see tiny 
snippets from some of the songs they performed Friday night.

- Saturday -

On Saturday, Hubby played golf during the day while I relaxed at home.

For dinner, he took me out for Saturday Sushi Night! (or as I like to call it,  "no cooking, 
no cleaning" night, haha)

- Sunday -

Sunday was Mother's Day. Our families came to church with us, and then after church,
we all had lunch together at Logan's Roadhouse.

My mom, Miss S, and me

Miss S and me

Hubby and me

Miss S, Hubby's mom, and Hubby

My first Mother's Day with Roo!

my little 17 week old dachshund baby

After church, and lunch, we relaxed at home with the fur babies. A quiet night at
home with my loves is a perfect night in my book.

How did you spend Mother's Day weekend?

Ever heard of Celtic Woman?

I'll see you tomorrow!

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