Friday, May 5, 2017

Fur Baby Friday + Dega Weekend

Hello everyone and Happy Friday to you!

I mentioned yesterday that my little Roo baby was going to the vet for his last 
"puppy check-up."

After I finished breakfast, (and Hunter and Roo finished begging for my breakfast),
it was time to get ready to go.

Roo did great on the ride to the vet, and was once again the star of the vet's office.
When they take him over to weigh him, they also take him around the office 
so everyone can see him and love on him!

After all the loving and puppy treats, it dawns on him that it is time for his shots.

Poor little angel got 2 shots yesterday, one in each hip.

But he was super happy when he was back in my arms and it was time to go home.
He chewed on his little chew bone all the way home. Once we got home, he was ready
for a nice, long nap.

Roo weighed in at 5.9 pounds and won't have to go back to the vet again until 
May 2018.

Speaking of going...

You know this girl is my little social butterfly! She is so super excited to be going to
Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday. She and Hubby have gone together every
year since she was in the 6th grade. She loves it! I wish that I enjoyed going because
family time is a prized commodity for us right now, but I just don't like all the noise. 
Those race cars are so incredibly loud. I went one time and one time only.
The loud roar of the cars just made it a terrible experience for me.

Roo, Hunter, and Shelley will be staying home with me to keep me company, so I will 
have plenty to do!

As you can tell from these pictures, they are never too far away!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

If you get bored on Sunday, tune in the the race and maybe we can all spot
Hubby and Miss S in the crowd, ha!

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