Monday, May 1, 2017

A Weekend Makeover

Hello everyone and happy May 1st to you all!

Can you believe it? May already?

Our weekend was pretty quiet, and for the most part pretty uneventful, but I did
make one improvement in our family room. If you've been reading this blog for
any length of time, you know that chalk paint is my friend. 

I had been giving this little side table in our family room "the side-eye" ever since 
our new couch and love seat were delivered back in March. Every time I would see 
this side table I would think to myself that it just seemed too dark for the room.  

It is a good table, and has great storage, but the finish just felt really, really dark. 
After doing a little online browsing at side tables for living rooms,  I knew I would 
never be able to replace it at a price that I would be happy with.

And then the thought came to me...

Chalk paint is my friend. I could also call chalk paint, "miracle paint."

So... I gave the table a quick dusting and got to work. The table got one coat on
Friday night, and a second coat on Saturday morning.  I am still debating whether
or not I will put a coat of clear wax on it.

Excuse the lighting on the second picture. It is super cloudy this morning, so there
is a pretty bad glare from the lamp, but I think you can see the new and
improved version of the table.

I love how it turned out! I think it goes really nicely in the family room now.

Chalk paint for the win once again!

Have a wonderful Monday and I will plan to see you 
again tomorrow!


  1. Looks fantastic! Much fresher and it does lighten the area up.


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