Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Shopping Surprise And An Impromtu Workout

Happy Tuesday y'all!

I hope your week is off to a great start. Yesterday, I spent the day with my parents
running some errands and doing a little shopping around town. While we were in
Cost Co getting towels for Miss S to take to college, we even ran into my aunt from
Jasper. I don't see her but once or maybe twice a year, so it was such a fun surprise 
to bump into her. Also, Miss S now has towels so she can shower daily in college, 
ha ha! 

When I got home from my fun day with my parents, I played with and loved on
 my fur babies a little bit before deciding I would do a quick and impromtu workout.
In my head, I seriously thought I would just do a few push ups and squats and call
it a day. But, once I got started, I felt like continuing so I ended up doing a complete
full body workout. I felt great and could hardly move my arms when I was done, ha!

This is what I did. Be sure to pin it so you can try it too!

Y'all this workout was so quick, easy, and convenient. I grabbed 8 lb dumbbells. and
literally did the step ups and incline push ups on my stairs, right from my foyer, (and with
my puppies watching!)

I can already feel it in my chest and shoulders this morning. Who says you have to
drive to the gym to get in a great workout?!

Well, with all my fun shopping and working out yesterday, my house is in a 
complete state of disarray today, so I had better get off my laptop and get
moving on my to do list. Let me know if you try my workout!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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