Monday, May 22, 2017

A Quick Pop In

Hello all!

Happy Monday to you!

We had a pretty low key and mostly uneventful weekend until Sunday night 
rolled around. Auburn hosted a live webinar for upcoming freshman and their
families to watch to get more information about freshman orientation, and
what to expect, along with what needed to be done before attending orientation.

Ever since the webinar I have been in a tail spin!  There is so much "paperwork"
to be filled out online, along with a list of things to buy to bring along to orientation.
Man, we have got to get ourselves in gear!

Must to Miss S's dismay, she has to get shots and medical records updated in order
to be allowed to register for fall classes. It looks like a doctor's appointment will be 
in her near future. 

I will leave you with a cute pic of Roo from Saturday. He went to PetSmart for
a nail trim and was not a fan at all. I think I may be trying to file his nails at home
from now own. My little boy does not want anyone touching him other that his 
Mommy. He is truly my little shadow.

Miss S and I are off to her dermatologist appointment, and then to run a few more 
errands,  so I will see you tomorrow.

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