Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Savannah, Georgia - Day 1

Happy Wednesday from Savannah!

After a nice long seven hours in the car, we made it to Savannah, Georgia
yesterday afternoon. We even ended our day by walking the beach on Tybee

I vlogged our trip yesterday so you would feel like you are right here with me!

You can watch by clicking this link, or simply click on the video below.

I will try to pop in to see you again tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day and a Vacay


Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend, but also remembering the men
and women that lost their lives fighting for our freedoms.

At our house, we are getting ready for a little vacay.

We leave tomorrow heading to Savannah, Georgia for the week. We are super
excited not only to have Miss S with us for 4 straight days, but to see and explore
a city we have never been to.  ( If you have been to Savannah, leave a comment
and let us know where to go and what to do. We don't want to miss your favorites! )

I will try to pop in and keep you in the loop with what we are doing and what
we are seeing, but for today, I will leave you with some cute puppy pictures
that were taken on Saturday.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Biggest Day Yet!

Wednesday was the biggest and most exciting day thus far in Miss S's life.
The way I see it, there are basically four really BIG times in your life.

- the day you graduate from high school

- the day you graduate from college

- the day you get married

- and the day you become a mom

Of course you could also add the day you turned 16, the day you got engaged,
and probably even a few more, but you get the idea. Graduating from high school
is a big deal and an exciting time.

Therefore, this post will be all about Miss S's graduation day!

Right before we left our house to head to the Pete Hanna Center at Samford 

With her favorite high school math teacher and her froomie...

To see highlights of the actual graduation ceremony, click here, or watch below...

Miss S after the ceremony...

Me with my awesome graduate...

with my parents...

with her aunt, (Hubby's sister) and cousin...

with Hubby's mom and step-dad...

with Hubby's dad and step-mom...

and once again, our little family...

Such a special day! And surprisingly, I held it all together. There were a few moments
where I thought I might lose it, but I survived and was one happy and proud mama.

After graduation, we headed off to Cocina Superior for a celebratory dinner with
all the family.

Congratulations Miss S and to all of the 2017 graduates!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Truth Tuesday

Hello everyone! Who's up for a quick version of...

Truth #1

I am waist deep in forms that have to be filled out online for Miss S before
she attends freshman orientation on June 14. It is crazy all of the information 
they need, and all the steps you must take before orientation. If I had not watched 
the informational parent webinar on Sunday night, we would not have had a clue!

This is how I feel about all of it right now...

Truth #2

Yesterday was supposed to be a fun and relaxing morning of running errands with 
Miss S, but we ended up feeling rushed and not relaxed at all. Instead of enjoying 
ourselves, I was making phone calls and trying to schedule doctor appointments, 
and also we felt rushed because she had to drop me back off at home before going 
to pick up her graduation tickets at the school at her assigned time.


Since yesterday just didn't do anything to help my nerves or my state of mental
health, I think that I will take a break from the online paperwork and head over
to do some relaxed, slow, and casual browsing at Target and TJMaxx. Miss S is
off at the Senior Graduation Breakfast and will them be bused with all the other
seniors over to graduation practice. I might as well take a little time for myself
while she is busy with all of that!  Trust me, my mental health needs some 

Truth #3

Tomorrow, whether I am ready or not, this will happen at 2:00...

Miss S and I have to be there at 12:30 for her to get lined up and get last minute
information. The doors will open at 1:00.

Truth #4

I ordered shoes to wear to her graduation and they have not even shipped yet!
Looks like some frantic shoe shopping will be on my to do list for today too.
Ugh. I do not enjoy shopping when I HAVE to have something. I prefer to browse
and discover hidden treasures. That is way more enjoyable to me.

Truth #5

I feel like I need a little break so I will be taking Wednesday and Thursday off
from blogging. My brain just feels a bit overwhelmed and tired!

I appreciate your love and understanding, and I will see you back here on FRIDAY!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Quick Pop In

Hello all!

Happy Monday to you!

We had a pretty low key and mostly uneventful weekend until Sunday night 
rolled around. Auburn hosted a live webinar for upcoming freshman and their
families to watch to get more information about freshman orientation, and
what to expect, along with what needed to be done before attending orientation.

Ever since the webinar I have been in a tail spin!  There is so much "paperwork"
to be filled out online, along with a list of things to buy to bring along to orientation.
Man, we have got to get ourselves in gear!

Must to Miss S's dismay, she has to get shots and medical records updated in order
to be allowed to register for fall classes. It looks like a doctor's appointment will be 
in her near future. 

I will leave you with a cute pic of Roo from Saturday. He went to PetSmart for
a nail trim and was not a fan at all. I think I may be trying to file his nails at home
from now own. My little boy does not want anyone touching him other that his 
Mommy. He is truly my little shadow.

Miss S and I are off to her dermatologist appointment, and then to run a few more 
errands,  so I will see you tomorrow.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Few Favorite Moments

 Hello Friday!

This week's favorites are going to be a bit on the sentimental side!

As I sit here completely confused as to where the last 18 years have gone, all
I can do is look back at pictures to prove that this year, Miss S's Senior Year of
high school really did happen. I suppose I can't stay here in denial because there
are actually pictures to prove that yes, indeed, my one and only child, my baby
girl, will be graduating from high school in FIVE days.

Despite the fact that in my mind she should be graduating from pre-school, life
says otherwise, and here lies the proof. 

So, rather than stay here in denial, I will distract myself by reflecting back on the
good memories from this school year.

Miss S had her Senior portraits taken at school last summer...

Then, one of her sweet friends took some pictures of her too...

Hunter was just a big puppy, and Rusty was still looking for Drake to come back...
(You may remember that Drake, our chocolate lab, fought prostate cancer, but
passed away on July 5, 2016. We got Hunter, a week later, when he was 
12 weeks old.)

And here we are in August, on the first day of school, Senior year...

Miss S and I got milkshakes from Chic-fil-A because a portion of the proceeds were
donated back to her school...

Miss S had a few more really cute pics taken...

And then it was time for an American themed pep rally at school...

And what good is Senior year if you don't have a toga party at least once?

And on August 24th, Hubby turned 51!

Miss S was my lunch date during some Saturday shopping...

Oh my, the college acceptance letter came in October...

Miss S was out of school for a teacher in-service day, so we met Hubby for lunch...

Then Homecoming Spirit Week began. The Senior class is "Out of This World!"

Then they were just a bunch of gangstas!

And then one of the favorite and anticipated days is when the Seniors try to dress up
like the other kind of "Senior." 

This is them pretending to be "Grannies Gone Wild!" 

Next up was the Homecoming dance...

And one just because I love my girl!

For Halloween, the Seniors were supposed to dress as "condiments."

She and her bestie (and future roomie) are so in sync that they even dressed alike 
without planning it...

And one more of Rusty because he is my little angel boy...

In November, it was time to vote...

Soon after, we got our first red cups of the season!

Von Maur had an Auburn themed Christmas tree and Miss S was in love with it!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Miss S had some pictures taken at Lake Purdy when it was dried up from the extreme
drought we had. In this picture she is actually posing in the bottom of the
lake floor. The water was completely dried up!

Hubby was shopping for duck hunting essentials, and Miss S made friends with 
a goose!

Early Christmas at Mimi's house...

Christmas Eve at our house...

Christmas Day at Mamaw and Papa's house...

Kicking off the New Year right with some shopping...

and the time when Hunter wanted his sissy to hold his bone for him to chew...
Yes, our fur babies are spoiled rotten! :)

and Shelley wanted us to know she thinks Hunter is ridiculous and annoying!

Rusty only has eyes for his Mommy! 

Hunter and Miss S are best friends!

Hunter and Rusty enjoy the warm sunshine because we really did not have a
winter in Alabama this year.

Miss S got her MacBook Pro for college and has never been more in love
with a computer!

Family night sushi...

and on March 4, time for more shopping... This time with Mamaw and Papa. 
My parents came to town to spend time with us because I had a really, really 
rough week.

After my sweet Rusty passed away suddenly on March 1, and I thought my heart
might never stop breaking, Hubby drove 10 hours to Polk City, Florida to get me
a new baby boy. Hubby brought him home on March 10, 2017.

He weighed 1.9 pounds when I got him, and he fit perfectly in my arms and I
had hope that the hole in my heart from Rusty might one day heal. We named
him Roo, and he is so precious. He has is own instagram, and you can follow
him by clicking here if you love miniature dachshunds like I do.

Hunter is still not sure where Rusty went, and does not quite understand how 
Roo can be so tiny!

Miss S had an early birthday party because her birthday always falls during
Spring Break and all of her friends were going away on trips.

Shelley had a birthday in March too. Shelley turned six!

For Spring Break, we went to Nashville for the week. Miss S loved Nashville and 
decided that she just may want to live there after college.

On March 31, my precious, smart, funny, silly, independent girl turned 18 years old.

In April, it was time for Senior Prom...

Also in April, was Easter Sunday...

At the end of April, the Seniors with a 4.0 GPA or higher got to give a "Golden Apple"
award to their favorite teacher. Miss S gave hers to her AP Calculus teacher,
Coach Ritchie.

On May 1st it was "College Decision Day" at school. The students were supposed to
wear shirts representing the school that they would be attending in the Fall.

Roo is growing too. He weighs 5.9 pounds in this picture...

On May 7, Hubby took Miss S and future roomie to Talladega. They go every
year and have a ball!

Last Sunday was Mother's Day...

And then on Tuesday, May 16, it was Senior Awards Day at school...

Yesterday, we took a few more pictures of Miss S in her cap and gown with all of 
her honors chords on.

Even though I still can not believe this is happening, and I am so not ready for
my baby to graduate high school and move away to college, I am SO VERY PROUD
of her. 

She is such a blessing to me and I am so very thankful that God gave her to me
and allowed me to be her mom.

I'm not sure how I will hold up next week, I know my emotions will be all
over the place, but I will plan to see you here each day.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for reading and following our
journey each week.


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