Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Hello again and Happy Thursday!

I mentioned on Monday that Miss S had an awards banquet at school on Monday
night. I didn't have much more information than that at the time, but after attending
I left feeling like a very proud mama!

The seniors at her school with a GPA of 4.0 or higher were invited to an awards
banquet and allowed the opportunity to present their most influential teacher with
a "Golden Apple Award."  From Miss S's senior class, 58 students met the criteria
of a 4.0 GPA or higher and were invited. Miss S gave her award to her AP Calculus
teacher. Here she is in this picture of the other seniors that also chose to give their
award to Coach Ritchie.

It was a really nice program, and definitely a proud mama moment. Poor Hubby was
not able to attend due to being sick.

He is still sick and is coughing so much that we are all about to lose our minds!
He is the loudest cougher I have ever heard in my life, and needless to say no one
is getting any rest around our house this week.

In other news, Miss S and her roommate HLo are going tonight to meet the two girls that 
will be their suite mates in the dorm next year. 

Her dorm design will be similar to this, and where you see the words "Suite Bath,"
that means that two other girls will also be sharing that same bathroom because the
other two girl's dorm room will join the bathroom on the other side.

I hope that explanation makes sense as you are reading it. I am so sleep deprived
at the moment, I can't really tell, haha.

Anyway, the two girls that they will be sharing a bathroom with also live in the 
Birmingham area (and are best friends just like Miss S & HLo) so all four girls will 
be meeting tonight for coffee. I sure hope they hit it off and will be great friends!

Well, I think that is all the interesting info from the week....

I don't foresee anything absolutely fabulous and fun happening around here today, 
so I will see you back here on MONDAY!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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