Monday, April 17, 2017

The Cutest Little Easter Bunny!

Happy Monday after Easter from the cutest little Easter Bunny that I ever did see!

This little precious has completely stolen the hearts of his family! He is absolutely
adorable in my book.

Let's take a quick look back at our Easter weekend...


Hubby played in a golf tournament Friday afternoon. (Picture screenshot from my 
iphone app called Life 360.)


Saturday morning, Miss S woke up ready to shop!

She needed an Easter dress, an outfit for a Senior awards banquet that will be tonight
(Monday night) and a romper for summer get-togethers.

Per usual, we get sidetracked by all kinds of things while shopping. Miss S loved
this wooded heart with the AU for Auburn University on it.

Saturday night she headed out for a birthday dinner celebration. Her prom date's
birthday is coming up this Thursday, so he had all the friends together for dinner

Miss S's besties...

Miss S and the almost birthday boy...


Sunday was Easter Sunday which of course calls for FAMILY pictures!

You've heard the expression, "There is one in every family."

I think we have found ours...

We love our silly little show off girl!

We know now that 18 year olds and selfie sticks lead to this.... haha!

Today, we are back to reality...

-  Hubby is sick, and had better be going to the doctor!

-  Miss S had about 1000 things to do this week.

- I've got at least 300 things to do this week.

-  2 puppies in one house is craziness!

-  I absolutely HAVE to get back to some sort of exercise routine!

Due to the craziness of this week, and my extreme need to re-start an exercise
program, I will not see you again until THURSDAY. I just need a few days to
get it all under control, ha, if that is even a thing that is possible. :)

Have an awesome week, and I will see you on Thursday!

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