Thursday, April 13, 2017

Life Lately

Let's take a look at Roo's life lately first, because his life is definitely the
cutest and most fun to talk about.

Little man has learned some new tricks!

The most amazing one is this...

He accomplished this all by himself!

When he gets his fill of playtime, he comes to the chair and uses the blanket to climb
up to where he wants to lay down to rest.

 He did this to me on Tuesday while I was laying on the couch and I was completely
shocked. It amazes me that a 12 week old puppy that is only about 6 inches tall can
climb all the way up to a couch or chair. My little man knows what he wants, and also
knows how to get it!

Once he makes his way up to the couch or chair, this is what happens...

When he does this, it makes up for all the toe biting and finger chewing that he does while
he is awake. He's got teeny, tiny teeth, but they are as sharp as little needles.

This little cuddle bug makes my heart so happy!

About 8:30 each night, Roo will do this...

This lets me know he is ready to go night night.

He is still doing wonderful in his little pack n play each night. ( In case you missed
the post where I talked about his pack n play, here is a picture. He sleeps each night
beside our bed in this and loves it. He sleeps in his little bed, and goes potty on a 
training pad in the middle of the night. This system is working beautifully for us.)

And for other family happenings...

Miss S has been taking practice tests this week for all her AP exams coming up. She is 
getting to school by 7:15 each morning and they take the students by buses to the 
School of Technology so each student can have a computer to take the practice test. 
After the practice test is done, the bus takes them to a central location and the students 
can walk somewhere to eat lunch. Miss S has been a proud supporter of salads at Panera 
all week. She has enjoyed being away from the school and in a different environment 
for a little change of pace this week. I think she is at about 39 days until high school 

Hubby and I are not doing much worth reporting. No one wants to hear about work,
and chores around the house, haha.  I am just happy that everyone is having a healthy

Roo goes to the vet today for another "puppy check up" so I will let you know 
tomorrow how much he weighs now. I am excited to find out!

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow!

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