Monday, April 24, 2017

It Was Wonderful

Happy Monday everyone!

Can you believe we are looking at the last week of April already?!

Goodness, this month and this year are flying by. Let's take a look at what
me and my crew were up to this weekend.


Hubby, who was/is still sick went back to the doctor. He had gone on Monday
and the doctor said he had a viral infection due to allergies. We questioned this,
but went along with it, but throughout the week he kept getting worse. Finally
he made time to go back to the doctor on Friday to find out he had walking
pneumonia. Thankfully, he got an antibiotic and some COUGH MEDICINE,
and is doing a little better now.

I had the best set up of all, because I stayed home all day! It was wonderful. I 
even made some time to watch a Hallmark movie from my DVR. I watched
Like Cats and Dogs. It was really a cute one, except for the hair on the guy in
the movie. I wanted to cut it so badly! Haha, I know, I know. The strangest 
things bother me. ;)


On Saturday, Miss S and her future roomie (froomie) went to Auburn for some shopping
and a baseball game.

They had a blast and are now even more ready to make their big move to the plains.

Again, I had the best day of all. No traffic, no crowds, no rude or annoying people to
deal with. Where was I? You guessed it.... I stayed home, and it was wonderful!

I had my sweet fur babies to keep me company.


...stretched out in the sun in  honor of Earth Day!


Shelley wasn't feeling the first picture and wanted a chance to pose for another.

Take 2...


On Sunday, I was just not feeling like making the hour long trip to Tuscaloosa for 
church. Leaving home at 7:15 on a Sunday morning is just torture sometimes, and
I couldn't make myself do it. Miss S was feeling a little run down from her crazy
busy week last week, so I made the executive decision that I would watch church 
on T.V Sunday morning, and she would sleep in as long as she could to catch up
on rest. She has too much going on in the next few weeks to come down with what
her daddy has right now!

Miss S rested, and after watching Gardendale First Baptist Church on T.V, I got
in a workout and lots of cleaning and preparing for the week. Yes, I stayed home 
all day and it was wonderful!

After being at home all day for three consecutive days, I finally feel like I am
getting things under control. I got some cleaning, organizing, and some exercise
done. I went to bed Sunday night feeling like I had accomplished something and 
was ready for the week. I hope I can keep this momentum going!

I will probably leave the house at some point today. Errands just don't run themselves
unfortunately. But, before I leave, I am going to make myself get in my workout for
the day. I know myself well enough to know that "later" never comes!

I will see you tomorrow! 

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