Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Here's My Plan

Lately I've talked about getting  back on a regular exercise routine. I have never 
been a particularly inactive person, but for some reason any time things 
get busy or stressful, my exercise routine is the first thing I abandon. 

I used to really enjoy working out at the gym, but now that the gym is also where
I work, I find myself ready to get away from there when my work is done. Also,
I find that I push myself more in the gym because "someone might be watching."
Incredibly silly, I know, but I suppose somewhere buried deep inside me lies a
competitive person?

Considering my current fitness level, and my tweaky, moody back, I feel like working
out at home is going to be the best fit for me right now. I need to warm up well, 
lift light weights, and stretch as often as needed.  I find myself being way more
comfortable doing those things at home.

I was browsing through some workout plans online last week and found a basic, easy
to follow strength training plan for beginners to follow for one month. I know there are
100's of plans out there, and I am certainly qualified to create my own, but for some
reason I felt excited to follow this one. I found it here. The plan online did not include
an isolation exercise for triceps, so I added in my favorite.

This is the workout that I did yesterday.

The plan is designed to complete this workout 3 days per week, for one month.

I plan to do this workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

My workout looked like this:

squat         - bodyweight   2 sets  x 12 repetitions

deadlift     -  bodyweight  2 x 10

bench press    -   40 lb barbell  3 x 12

bent over row   -   (I did 1 arm-bent over row)   8 lb  2 x 12

shoulder press   -  8 lb  2 x 12

bicep curl          -   8 lb    2 x 12

triceps cable pushdown    -   20 lb   3 x 12

crunch     -   bodyweight  2 x 12

leg raise   -   (I did single leg raises)  2 x 12

Some of the weights felt a little light, but I want to keep things very low key with 
light weight so my back has plenty of time to adjust without getting angry with me. 
My low back and hamstrings are a little tight today, but I don't feel any pain or 
soreness. I don't want to repeat previous mistakes from my younger years and progress 
too quickly though! Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. I have learned the hard way 
that pushing too hard, and doing too much, too soon is a VERY bad idea!

Today will be a light cardio day + a yoga video, and then tomorrow I will repeat this 
workout again.

Quick update:

Miss S finally met her future "suite mates" yesterday. The girls met for coffee and
had a great time talking and laughing. Now Miss S is even more exited for 
college in August. I'm happy that the girls will be able to spend some time
together this summer so that everyone will be friends by move in day.

Have a great day everyone!

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