Thursday, April 6, 2017

Crazy With a Side of Cute

Life around here is crazy this morning. I'm not sure if the storms have every one
acting nuts or what, but the animals are having a hay day. All Roo wants to do is
run free all through the house. He WANTS Hunter and Shelley to chase him.

I am so afraid that he will get hurt that I am beside myself. I will be so happy when
all the pets can peacefully coexist in our home together. Keeping everyone monitored
and safe is a HUGE task.

Thankfully the storms were not as severe as projected yesterday. We did have heavy
rain, thunder, lightning and wind, but no tornadoes were spotted in our area. As you 
all know, severe weather threats make me extremely nervous, so yesterday was a
long day for me and my nerves, ha.

Let's skip the rest of my daily drama filled life, and take a look at some cute puppy
pictures. Hunter turned one on Monday, and here are some pictures from his big

A new toy for the birthday boy...

I think he was telling me to put down the camera, and get to playing with him!

Roo will be 3 months old tomorrow, and I have this vision of getting a cute picture
of Hunter and Roo together. I may be dreaming, but wish me luck, haha.

Happy Thursday to you all!

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