Thursday, April 27, 2017

Three Things Thursday

Today is going to be a busy day around here. I've got a client this morning, 
errands to run, and then have to be back at the gym for work this afternoon.

The boys like it much better when I just stay at home. When I'm home, if they are not
right under my feet, you will generally find them here.

Roo loves laying in a warm, sunny spot as much as Rusty did. Hunter just wants to
be near someone, so he goes over and snuggles close to Roo. An 80 pound lab, and 
a 4 pound miniature dachshund trying to snuggle is such a precious sight!

In other news, I am currently up for the " Most Scatterbrained " award.

I have misplaced my one and only child's Senior portraits!

I am beside myself and devastated. I have no idea where I put them. So, so, sad.

On a happier note, I watched a movie on Hallmark Channel that I loved. It is called
Love Blossoms. It was an easy to watch, warm and fuzzy kind of movie, and I will
probably watch this one again in the near future! Life can always use more warm and
fuzzy moments, am I right?!


I've got a doctor's appointment for a yearly check up tomorrow, and will be tied
up with that most of the morning so I won't see you again until Monday

I hope you have a great Friday, and a wonderful

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Here's My Plan

Lately I've talked about getting  back on a regular exercise routine. I have never 
been a particularly inactive person, but for some reason any time things 
get busy or stressful, my exercise routine is the first thing I abandon. 

I used to really enjoy working out at the gym, but now that the gym is also where
I work, I find myself ready to get away from there when my work is done. Also,
I find that I push myself more in the gym because "someone might be watching."
Incredibly silly, I know, but I suppose somewhere buried deep inside me lies a
competitive person?

Considering my current fitness level, and my tweaky, moody back, I feel like working
out at home is going to be the best fit for me right now. I need to warm up well, 
lift light weights, and stretch as often as needed.  I find myself being way more
comfortable doing those things at home.

I was browsing through some workout plans online last week and found a basic, easy
to follow strength training plan for beginners to follow for one month. I know there are
100's of plans out there, and I am certainly qualified to create my own, but for some
reason I felt excited to follow this one. I found it here. The plan online did not include
an isolation exercise for triceps, so I added in my favorite.

This is the workout that I did yesterday.

The plan is designed to complete this workout 3 days per week, for one month.

I plan to do this workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

My workout looked like this:

squat         - bodyweight   2 sets  x 12 repetitions

deadlift     -  bodyweight  2 x 10

bench press    -   40 lb barbell  3 x 12

bent over row   -   (I did 1 arm-bent over row)   8 lb  2 x 12

shoulder press   -  8 lb  2 x 12

bicep curl          -   8 lb    2 x 12

triceps cable pushdown    -   20 lb   3 x 12

crunch     -   bodyweight  2 x 12

leg raise   -   (I did single leg raises)  2 x 12

Some of the weights felt a little light, but I want to keep things very low key with 
light weight so my back has plenty of time to adjust without getting angry with me. 
My low back and hamstrings are a little tight today, but I don't feel any pain or 
soreness. I don't want to repeat previous mistakes from my younger years and progress 
too quickly though! Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. I have learned the hard way 
that pushing too hard, and doing too much, too soon is a VERY bad idea!

Today will be a light cardio day + a yoga video, and then tomorrow I will repeat this 
workout again.

Quick update:

Miss S finally met her future "suite mates" yesterday. The girls met for coffee and
had a great time talking and laughing. Now Miss S is even more exited for 
college in August. I'm happy that the girls will be able to spend some time
together this summer so that everyone will be friends by move in day.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 24, 2017

It Was Wonderful

Happy Monday everyone!

Can you believe we are looking at the last week of April already?!

Goodness, this month and this year are flying by. Let's take a look at what
me and my crew were up to this weekend.


Hubby, who was/is still sick went back to the doctor. He had gone on Monday
and the doctor said he had a viral infection due to allergies. We questioned this,
but went along with it, but throughout the week he kept getting worse. Finally
he made time to go back to the doctor on Friday to find out he had walking
pneumonia. Thankfully, he got an antibiotic and some COUGH MEDICINE,
and is doing a little better now.

I had the best set up of all, because I stayed home all day! It was wonderful. I 
even made some time to watch a Hallmark movie from my DVR. I watched
Like Cats and Dogs. It was really a cute one, except for the hair on the guy in
the movie. I wanted to cut it so badly! Haha, I know, I know. The strangest 
things bother me. ;)


On Saturday, Miss S and her future roomie (froomie) went to Auburn for some shopping
and a baseball game.

They had a blast and are now even more ready to make their big move to the plains.

Again, I had the best day of all. No traffic, no crowds, no rude or annoying people to
deal with. Where was I? You guessed it.... I stayed home, and it was wonderful!

I had my sweet fur babies to keep me company.


...stretched out in the sun in  honor of Earth Day!


Shelley wasn't feeling the first picture and wanted a chance to pose for another.

Take 2...


On Sunday, I was just not feeling like making the hour long trip to Tuscaloosa for 
church. Leaving home at 7:15 on a Sunday morning is just torture sometimes, and
I couldn't make myself do it. Miss S was feeling a little run down from her crazy
busy week last week, so I made the executive decision that I would watch church 
on T.V Sunday morning, and she would sleep in as long as she could to catch up
on rest. She has too much going on in the next few weeks to come down with what
her daddy has right now!

Miss S rested, and after watching Gardendale First Baptist Church on T.V, I got
in a workout and lots of cleaning and preparing for the week. Yes, I stayed home 
all day and it was wonderful!

After being at home all day for three consecutive days, I finally feel like I am
getting things under control. I got some cleaning, organizing, and some exercise
done. I went to bed Sunday night feeling like I had accomplished something and 
was ready for the week. I hope I can keep this momentum going!

I will probably leave the house at some point today. Errands just don't run themselves
unfortunately. But, before I leave, I am going to make myself get in my workout for
the day. I know myself well enough to know that "later" never comes!

I will see you tomorrow! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Hello again and Happy Thursday!

I mentioned on Monday that Miss S had an awards banquet at school on Monday
night. I didn't have much more information than that at the time, but after attending
I left feeling like a very proud mama!

The seniors at her school with a GPA of 4.0 or higher were invited to an awards
banquet and allowed the opportunity to present their most influential teacher with
a "Golden Apple Award."  From Miss S's senior class, 58 students met the criteria
of a 4.0 GPA or higher and were invited. Miss S gave her award to her AP Calculus
teacher. Here she is in this picture of the other seniors that also chose to give their
award to Coach Ritchie.

It was a really nice program, and definitely a proud mama moment. Poor Hubby was
not able to attend due to being sick.

He is still sick and is coughing so much that we are all about to lose our minds!
He is the loudest cougher I have ever heard in my life, and needless to say no one
is getting any rest around our house this week.

In other news, Miss S and her roommate HLo are going tonight to meet the two girls that 
will be their suite mates in the dorm next year. 

Her dorm design will be similar to this, and where you see the words "Suite Bath,"
that means that two other girls will also be sharing that same bathroom because the
other two girl's dorm room will join the bathroom on the other side.

I hope that explanation makes sense as you are reading it. I am so sleep deprived
at the moment, I can't really tell, haha.

Anyway, the two girls that they will be sharing a bathroom with also live in the 
Birmingham area (and are best friends just like Miss S & HLo) so all four girls will 
be meeting tonight for coffee. I sure hope they hit it off and will be great friends!

Well, I think that is all the interesting info from the week....

I don't foresee anything absolutely fabulous and fun happening around here today, 
so I will see you back here on MONDAY!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Cutest Little Easter Bunny!

Happy Monday after Easter from the cutest little Easter Bunny that I ever did see!

This little precious has completely stolen the hearts of his family! He is absolutely
adorable in my book.

Let's take a quick look back at our Easter weekend...


Hubby played in a golf tournament Friday afternoon. (Picture screenshot from my 
iphone app called Life 360.)


Saturday morning, Miss S woke up ready to shop!

She needed an Easter dress, an outfit for a Senior awards banquet that will be tonight
(Monday night) and a romper for summer get-togethers.

Per usual, we get sidetracked by all kinds of things while shopping. Miss S loved
this wooded heart with the AU for Auburn University on it.

Saturday night she headed out for a birthday dinner celebration. Her prom date's
birthday is coming up this Thursday, so he had all the friends together for dinner

Miss S's besties...

Miss S and the almost birthday boy...


Sunday was Easter Sunday which of course calls for FAMILY pictures!

You've heard the expression, "There is one in every family."

I think we have found ours...

We love our silly little show off girl!

We know now that 18 year olds and selfie sticks lead to this.... haha!

Today, we are back to reality...

-  Hubby is sick, and had better be going to the doctor!

-  Miss S had about 1000 things to do this week.

- I've got at least 300 things to do this week.

-  2 puppies in one house is craziness!

-  I absolutely HAVE to get back to some sort of exercise routine!

Due to the craziness of this week, and my extreme need to re-start an exercise
program, I will not see you again until THURSDAY. I just need a few days to
get it all under control, ha, if that is even a thing that is possible. :)

Have an awesome week, and I will see you on Thursday!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Easter Weekend

Happy Easter weekend everyone.

This will be a short and sweet post today because my arms are currently filled
with a precious 4.7 pound, 3 month old miniature dachshund.

How about a we do a little flashback to Easters past?

Easter 2015

Easter 2016

The years pass so quickly!

I hope you all have a very ....


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Life Lately

Let's take a look at Roo's life lately first, because his life is definitely the
cutest and most fun to talk about.

Little man has learned some new tricks!

The most amazing one is this...

He accomplished this all by himself!

When he gets his fill of playtime, he comes to the chair and uses the blanket to climb
up to where he wants to lay down to rest.

 He did this to me on Tuesday while I was laying on the couch and I was completely
shocked. It amazes me that a 12 week old puppy that is only about 6 inches tall can
climb all the way up to a couch or chair. My little man knows what he wants, and also
knows how to get it!

Once he makes his way up to the couch or chair, this is what happens...

When he does this, it makes up for all the toe biting and finger chewing that he does while
he is awake. He's got teeny, tiny teeth, but they are as sharp as little needles.

This little cuddle bug makes my heart so happy!

About 8:30 each night, Roo will do this...

This lets me know he is ready to go night night.

He is still doing wonderful in his little pack n play each night. ( In case you missed
the post where I talked about his pack n play, here is a picture. He sleeps each night
beside our bed in this and loves it. He sleeps in his little bed, and goes potty on a 
training pad in the middle of the night. This system is working beautifully for us.)

And for other family happenings...

Miss S has been taking practice tests this week for all her AP exams coming up. She is 
getting to school by 7:15 each morning and they take the students by buses to the 
School of Technology so each student can have a computer to take the practice test. 
After the practice test is done, the bus takes them to a central location and the students 
can walk somewhere to eat lunch. Miss S has been a proud supporter of salads at Panera 
all week. She has enjoyed being away from the school and in a different environment 
for a little change of pace this week. I think she is at about 39 days until high school 

Hubby and I are not doing much worth reporting. No one wants to hear about work,
and chores around the house, haha.  I am just happy that everyone is having a healthy

Roo goes to the vet today for another "puppy check up" so I will let you know 
tomorrow how much he weighs now. I am excited to find out!

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Where Did My Brain Go?

I hope I can blame my lack of brain function this morning on still being tired from
being up way too late on prom night, combined with the constant distraction of a teeny, 
tiny puppy running through the house like a speeding bullet. I fully believe he thinks he 
is the same size as Hunter. 

He is an adorable, wide open, little mess!

Since my brain is half failing me this morning, I choose not to stress about it, instead
I will simply share something I really love that I found yesterday on Pinterest.

I know personally there are several things on both the "Stop" and on the "Start"
sections that I need to work on.

Do you see anything that you need to work on too?

Happy Tuesday to you all and I will see you again on Thursday!

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Whirlwind of a Weekend and Prom Pics Galore

Hello again and Happy Monday to you all.

This is what we were up to this weekend...

- Friday -

Both of my boys celebrated birthdays last week.

Hunter turned one year old, and Roo turned three months old.

- Saturday -

Saturday was the day of Miss S's Senior Prom.

My beautiful girl in her beautiful dress:

My girl and her handsome and sweet date:

My girl and her fabulous friends:

My girl and the entire prom group:

Miss S had a wonderful night and I can hardly believe her senior prom has already
come and gone. This tells me that the rest of her senior year is going to rush by
in the blink of an eye.

- Sunday -

On Sunday afternoon, Gold City gospel quartet performed at our church.

Miss S "posed" by their bus, haha!

All in all it was a busy, but happy weekend!

Happy Monday and I will see you tomorrow!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Yes, Yes, No

Happy Friday everyone!

It is PROM weekend for Miss S!

She has been a busy bee in preparation for her Senior Prom that is coming up on
Saturday night.

The dress has been bought (and altered...#shortgirlproblems,) the right jewelry and shoes
have been chosen, and her blonde highlights have been touched up. The spray tan is done, 
her nails are done and the boutonniere has been ordered for her date and will be ready to
pick up tomorrow morning.

I'm actually glad I'm not 18 years old anymore because getting ready for prom is
a LOT of work!

I prefer hanging out at home as much as possible and celebrating puppies birthdays!

Yes, Roo is 3 months old today! I will most likely spend a ridiculous amount of time
today following him around trying to capture a really cute picture.



But, before I embark on my picture taking task, I want to share with you two favorite
things from the week.

This Gluten Free pizza is really good! The pepperoni on it made it a little too spicy and
greasy for Miss S, so I have had the leftovers for lunch a couple of days and this pizza
is really quite yummy. Most pizza's, even delivery pizza's don't reheat well in the
microwave after a day or two, but this one is actually just as delicious right out of the
microwave. I would definitely buy this one again, even though I don't need the gluten
free crust. The fact that it keeps and reheats so well is a plus for me. A slice of pizza
and a small salad make a great quick and easy lunch.

I found this quote while scrolling through instagram last night.

Wow! Isn't that a good one? What a great reminder that even when things are tough
and stressful, we can still find something to be grateful for. We just need to work 
hard to train our minds to do more of it!

And now we come to my least favorite for the week...

Womp, womp, womp.

I am trying to find healthier alternatives for coffee creamer, but it is just not working
so well for me. I wanted to like this one. I was excited when I found it in the store.
The packaging is so nice, I was sure it was going to be a winner.

No. Just no. I suppose it is not terrible, but it isn't that good either. I am just not
a fan of almond milk. I know it's good for me and I should try harder, but I
want my first drink of the day to be a delicious hot cup of coffee and not a
icky, not so great hot cup of coffee. search for healthier creamers continues.

And on that note, I wish you a...

I will see you on Monday!

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