Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Cleaning, a Book Review, and Spring Decor

Some days I wake up and feel inspired to get things done. Making a "things to do"
list and checking things off, leaves me with a huge sense of accomplishment.
Unfortunately the days that I wake up feeling like that are also the days that I
have to be at the gym for work soon. As much as I want to clean and get things
done, life's little commitments just get in the way.

So, I usually need to find other ways to get motivated to get cleaning and organizing.

One way that usually gets me motivated and ready to clean is by watching videos on
YouTube of people cleaning their house. I realize this may sound crazy, but it really
does work.

Here are links to some of my favorite inspirational cleaning and organizing videos:

Another way to increase your motivation to clean is to get organized. I refer to helpful
and inspiring books like this one to increase my motivation and get moving. I find it's
good to keep a book like this handy and reread sections as often as needed. 

This book not only inspires you to begin organizing your spaces, but it is user friendly.
Its chapters are arranged by areas and rooms in your home. If you need to tackle
organizing your closet, simply refer to Chapter 2 which gives you plenty of great
info and tips on closet organization. 

One thing that Jane Stoller suggests in her book is to envision how being organized
will change your daily habits and your life. I would venture to say that when you 
dream of how you want your life to look, having a clean and organized home is
likely part of the equation. I believe that this idea easily transfers into getting inspired
to clean. Simply stop and think for a moment about how you want your home to look
and feel. For me, I know being clean is part of the plan.

Jane Stoller's book also talks about the science behind organization and stress. There are
so many links between being organized and being healthy. Now we have even more proof
that stress leads to a weakened immune system! Why make your life more complicated
than it has to be especially when there are so many helpful resources available to prevent it?

Side note: In addition to the helpful organizational tips in this book, there is also a
fabulous section of planning and packing to travel. I will probably do a separate 
post on this topic as Spring Break approaches in a couple of weeks.

Also, with graduations and Summer weddings just around the corner, I would
highly recommend this book for young adults that are just getting out into the world
and setting up their own spaces. If I had read this book years ago, I probably would
have saved myself a lot of failed attempts at getting organized!

Another way to find more helpful tips and tricks, is via a quick Pinterest search. Take a 
look here and here to see if any of these tips might be helpful for you as well.

Another tip, is to ask for help. Believe me, I know it isn't always easy to ask someone 
for help, but I have found that when family members help with the cleaning and
organizing, they are more likely to help maintain the newly cleaned and organized
areas. Calm the control freak inside you and give it a try.

While I may not yet be in full blown Spring Cleaning mode, I did take a few minutes 
to bring a little Spring flavor to my home. I won't decorate for Easter for another week
or two, so here is what I am currently using as Spring Decor.

My Spring Mantel...

and my Spring Foyer Decor...

Just getting new seasonal decor out helps my mood. Looking at pretty areas inspires me to
keep going and make more and more areas of my home look nice.

Who's ready to clean with me?

Coming up tomorrow....

A Rusty Roundup!

My plan is to keep this a happy post. I want to show you all the ways that I am
remembering my little angel dachshund. 

A sweet, thoughtful reader sent me a beautiful card and adorable picture frame,
plus, my parents ordered three more special items to preserve his precious memory.
Tomorrow, I want to share all the goodies with you!

Thanks for reading today, and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow!

Happy Thursday to you all!

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