Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Remembering Rusty

This post is a very difficult post to write. As a matter of fact, this time last week
I had absolutely no idea that I would be writing it any time soon. This time last
week, I had no idea that my precious baby boy was sick. This is an extremely
difficult time, but the suddenness of it all makes it feel even more difficult.

Rusty was a red, smooth coat miniature dachshund. He was born in Tennessee 
on January 21, 2005. We got Rusty when Miss S was in the 1st grade.


I love this picture of Rusty and baby Drake. Rusty had just turned two years old
when this picture was taken.

He was the sweetest, most cuddly little angel I could ever have asked for. He was my
little cuddle bug and not only were we inseparable, he spent way more time in my arms
and in my lap that he ever spent on the floor. We used to joke and say that Rusty was 
"born in my arms" and also that he would rather sit in my arms next to me than  
eat, or go outside. Our love for one another was unconditional.

Indulge me now as we take a look back at some of my favorite Rusty pics...

Here he is napping (and trying to share a blanket) with his brother, Drake. Rusty loved
a blanket and anytime there was a blanket available, he wanted to curl up on it.

This was my little precious in 2008.

This was taken at Hubby's Bigmama's house at Christmas time in 2009. Can we talk about
how precious Rusty looks in his little Alabama bandana? And look at those little doxie feet!

Here are some pictures that were taken soon after we moved to the Birmingham area in 2010.

He wasn't a big fan of pictures, but look at him posing in this one!

He kept careful watch over our home. He loved looking out for his family.

"Come and hold me Mommy."

I miss the sound of those little feet tip, tip, tipping through the house on the hardwood
floors. Those precious little feet certainly made paw prints all over my heart.
I miss having him in my arms, and I miss the way he looked at me with such love.

I will miss getting smothered in Rusty kisses. He would always meet me with a kiss as I 
would come up the stairs after work.

I will miss seeing him in his little red Christmas sweater.

I will miss his sweet, loving nature, and his sensitive spirit. He could tell when I was
getting upset even before I spoke a word. He just knew. He watched and monitored
every move that I made. I was never alone.

Anytime I was sitting at the table, my love was right there beside me. I used to tease
Miss S and say that when she went away to college I was going to replace her chair
at the table with a high chair so Rusty could have dinner with us. She would just roll 
her eyes and say, "Oh I know you probably will."


January 21, 2005  -  March 1, 2017

The years went by way too fast, but our boys are together again.

As for this little cutie...

it's a good thing he has big feet, because he has some mighty big shoes to fill!

Hunter is doing a great job. He is being extra sweet and letting me snuggle and cuddle
as much as I need to. We will have to be sure to celebrate big on April 3, when he
turns ONE year old!

Thanks for reading this little blog of mine each day, and thank you so much
for your sweet comments during this difficult time. You are all truly appreciated.

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