Monday, March 27, 2017

Ready, Set, Explore!

Hello and welcome back! The weekend was a quick one and it looks like Monday is 
here again. Our Monday is a Spring Break Monday which totally trumps a regular
Monday. Miss S is rushing me along and wants to get back to exploring Nashville, 
but before we go, I want to quickly recap our quiet weekend.

Friday and Saturday were stay home days for me, and they were wonderful!

While I was soaking and relaxing in my whirlpool tub, Hunter brought me his bone.
He wanted me to play tug of war with him, but then he accidentally dropped his bone
in the tub with me! Just look at the look of confusion on his cute face!

That boy knows how to make his Mama smile. He is a total love bug.

Our other little love bug has a new place to play. We have a sleeper sofa in our guest 
bedroom, and we were playing on the floor in there (safely out from under Hunter's big
lab feet) and since Roo loves to jump and climb so much, I pulled one of the sofa cushions
down to the floor for him to play around on. He had a ball running and jumping up on the
cushion, and finally took a break to rest and chew on his little puppy bone.

His sweet little face just begs for unlimited kisses!

Miss S had to sneak in and give him some snuggles because he is just so adorable.

Sunday, we took selfies from Nashville.

Yesterday we explored an area called 12 South and Miss S was loving it. The area is 
young and hip and she was in her element. I think my girl is imagining herself living
in Nashville someday....sigh.  That day is coming faster than I ever thought it would,
that's for sure.

Well, Miss S is rushing us and is ready to head our for more Nashville exploration.

I will see you tomorrow!

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