Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nashville, Day 2

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope this blog post finds you all doing well. I wanted
to pop in to catch you up on some of what we did on Day 2 of our Spring Break 
trip to Nashville.

With rain and thunderstorms looming in the forecast, we chose indoor activities
to ensure we would stay dry. We spent a little bit of time at the Opry Mills Mall
which is overwhelmingly HUGE. Around lunch time, we left the mall to head 
over the the Opryland Hotel for lunch. This hotel has to be one of the most beautiful 
places I've ever seen, so please if you have never been, consider planning a trip there 
soon. I would consider it a must see destination.

After a delicious lunch in the scenic Cascades Atrium at a restaurant called 
Cascades American Cafe, we explored a bit more, then headed back to our rental house 
for a bit to relax. After a brief rest, we freshened up and headed down to the 12 South 
area for dinner at Bartaco.

My pictures from our day...

Lunch at Cascades American Cafe in the Opryland Hotel:

Walking around enjoying the sights:

Miss S being silly by the guitar with the sign that says "Please don't touch."


The menu from our dinner at bartaco:

Dessert at Sprinkles:

eenie, meenie, miney, mo... which cupcake should I choose?

and... my chocolate marshmallow cupcake to go:

We had a fabulous Day 2 of our Spring Break!

Here are a few more pictures found via the internet that are just so good, I had to share...

Where we ate lunch:

(images found here)

Where we had dinner:

( image found here )

( image found here )

Bartaco was so good! We all agreed that we would like to go here again before
we leave to head back home. The chicken tacos and the portabello muchroom
tacos were delicious, and the guacamole was amazing too. Add this restaurant
to you list of things to do when you plan your next trip to Nashville.

Have a wonderful day, and I will try to pop in again tomorrow!

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