Monday, March 20, 2017

Friday Through Friday

Hello again friends and family! Happy Monday to you all.

Last week was one hot mess of a week, so the blogging life took a backseat to
simply surviving.

Let's recap the good parts and then briefly touch on the crazy parts that hit me like 
a ton of bricks...

On Friday, March 10, 2017, a precious little angel came into my life.
I told you a little about Roo in this post.

He is an adorable little 1.9 pound ball of energy! He runs around like a little
streak of lighting, and absolutely loves biting and chewing on fingers and toes.

Between March 10 - 14, my days were spent keeping him safe from the mighty,
clumsy and big feet, and playful nature of this blond cutie, Hunter. Keep in mind,
Hunter is only 11 months old, so he wants to play with his new brother. He has no
idea he could accidentally hurt him.

Here are some pics of sweet, (and teeny, tiny) Roo, to get you caught up...

Finally on Tuesday, the 14th, we realized that we needed a place to let Roo play that 
would also keep him safe from the big baby, Hunter.

We headed to PetSmart to see if we could find an indoor play area that would allow
Roo to have his own play space, and allow him to stay out from under Hunter's
big Labrador body.

Also, Roo has his own instagram account if you want 
to follow along. You can find him here.

Well, we did not find what we needed at our local PetSmart, so we ordered an
indoor play area online from Amazon.

You can see that it works well in our home by watching this video.

Life was good, and potential problem situations seemed to be solved.


Hubby came home from work on Wednesday morning, the 16th after hurting his 

He spent all day Wednesday in excruciating pain, and then by early Thursday
morning, he could not even move. At one point he crawled from the bed to the
bathroom so he could pull himself to a semi-upright position.

Let me tell you, seeing your husband, your rock, the one you depend on, in this
much pain shakes you to the core.  I came way too close to possibly losing him back
in February, and now he is own his knees in pain in March. This is a LOT 
to deal with.

Eventually, we knew the only way to help him was to call an ambulance to come and
get him and take him in to the emergency room. 

To make a long, dramatic story, short, he was treated in the ER, then saw an orthopedic
back doctor on Friday, and we are now waiting for the MRI results.

He has been on a LOT of meds all weekend, and even though he is still hurting, he did
head out the door to attempt work today.

Alright, I think that is enough madness from here today!

I will PLAN to pop on tomorrow and share a little about Miss S's early birthday
celebration. She planned a little birthday dinner for her and a few friends last 
Saturday night, so I will tell you about that, and share a few pictures from her
"party." I can not believe my baby will soon be 18 years old.

Thanks for reading today! Sorry I was not around last week, but hey, at least I did
survive, haha!

Have a wonderful day!

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