Friday, March 24, 2017

Fabulous Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Oh my goodness BOTH of my puppies are wide awake and ready to PLAY!

This post may have to be written in two minute increments, haha.

Here are two quick snippets of puppy playtime at our house.

You watched this one earlier in the week...

And here is one more.

A two pound puppy and an 80 pound puppy make quite the unlikely duo. They do 
love each other and love to play, but we have to be so cautious to keep little Roo 
safe. One misstep and Hunter could hurt him. So scary! I don't even want to think 
about that happening.

I plan to be home all day today to soak up all the puppy playtime that I can. I
love being at home, and being at home with two cute puppies, plus this sweet kitty...

is just an added bonus. A day far away from crowds, noise and traffic sounds 
perfect to me!

I will be burning my current favorite candle today too...

Okay, enough about me hiding away from the world today, ha, let's talk about
some of our other favorites I've been loving lately.

These gluten free cookies are a-may-zing. No one would ever guess they are
gluten free. The are simply delicious.

Miss S also enjoys these little bite sized gluten free cookies. They are good, but
not as good as the Tate's, in my opinion.

Miss S has been having one of these Healthy Oatmeal Bites along with a Greek
Yogurt for breakfast this week. They are quite good and are pretty good for you too,

These Luna Bars may just be my new favorite. They really do taste like a chocolate

In other news...

Roo had his 2nd vet check up yesterday and is now weighing in at 2.8 pounds!

Roo loves his vet Caitlin, even though she did give him two shots yesterday, She
was apologetic about it, so it helped his feelings! He did great, and I was so happy
he had a good check up.

And just one more of my favorites...

When we got Roo home earlier this month, and the reality of how teeny, tiny
he actually is set in, Hubby went to Walmart and bought this Graco Pack N Play
for Roo.

We bought the large play area that you see in the videos to stay in the family room,
and Roo's Pack N Play stays in our bedroom for him to sleep in. He does so well in it.
It has plenty of room for his little bed on one end, and a puppy pad on the other end.
He hops in his little bed and sleeps, and gets out to potty on the pad when he needs
to. He is doing great and is such a sweet little baby boy.

I hope I haven't gotten on your nerves going on and on about my fur babies,
but you probably all know me well enough by now to expect no less, ha!

Next week is Spring Break for us, but I will try to pop in to keep you updated
as I can. We are heading to Nashville for a few days, and Miss S has lots of
places she wants to see, so it should be tiring fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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