Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 3 Wore Me Out!

Hello again from Nashville!

Whew! Yesterday was a busy, and tiring day. We covered a lot of ground yesterday.

We saw Belmont and Vanderbilt University. We rode around the Hillsboro Village area,
we went to the Parthenon at Centennial Park. We went to an area called The Gulch,
and then back to 12 South. We finished up our day at Soulshine Pizza Factory.
We saw a lot yesterday, despite the amount of traffic we had to fight in order to
see it. I mean, Nashville is like Birmingham on steroids!

I was busy trying to keep up, so I didn't do the best job of taking pictures, but 
I will share with you what I did get. :)

The Parthenon:

Lunch at Fresh To Order:

We all had salads, which were phenomenal!

This is Miss S's salad with grilled salmon on top...

Shopping, sightseeing and a mural at The Gulch:

Then to West End for a coffee break at Three Brothers Coffee.

Another cool place for pictures, and our Iced Vanilla Lattes were very good.

Next, Miss S wanted to head back to the 12 South area.

By this time, I was getting a blister on my foot and was just about worn out.

We headed back to the house to rest for a bit and let me change footwear.

To finish off our busy day, we had dinner at Soulshine Pizza.

My pizza was called "The Kitchen Sink" because it had all the available toppings on it.
Too fun, and a really, really good pizza!

They had gluten free pizza too, so Miss S was able to enjoy a good pizza for the first
time in months.

I finished up my night with a little Netflix before bed.

Nashville is a busy and fast-paced place, but Miss S absolutely loves it.

The rest of us may need a vacation from our vacation, haha!

We will be heading home tomorrow, but I will try to pop in on Friday. Miss S turns
18 on Friday too. Oh my, my, my. Someone hold me.


Have a wonderful day!

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