Monday, March 6, 2017

Bonfires, Burgers, Promposals and More

Well hello Monday! Back again so soon?

Monday rolls around and finds me still feeling down about the events of 
last week, but somehow the sun still manages to rise and set. Life goes on
whether your heart is completely in it or not. 

Despite my gloomy mood and heavy heart, the weekend was filled with some
happy times. Let's take a look.

Friday night...

Hubby built us a fire in our fire pit. Hunter was not really sure what to think
about the fire. At first he was not a huge fan.

While Hubby and I relaxed and enjoyed the fire, Miss S got officially asked to
prom. She went to a Drive-In movie with a group of her friends, and when she
came out of the bathroom, she found her prom date standing there with this poster.

I am so thrilled that my sweet, beautiful girl got to experience such a fun promposal.
She is so excited!


On Saturday, my parents came to spend the day with us. Miss S had a shopping
list, and my parents were good sports and wanted to go along with us.

We took a break from shopping and had lunch at Firebirds. I'm always on the lookout
for a good cheeseburger, and I couldn't resist ordering one for lunch.

After lunch, we did a little more shopping. I snapped a quick picture of my cute parents
leaving the mall with there goodies in hand.

Keeping busy on Saturday was just what I needed because after church on
Sunday, my thoughts went right back to this...

Oh how I miss my little man. I would give anything to have him here in my arms
right now.

Oh if looking at pictures of my little precious could bring him back to me!

And on that note, I am going to wrap up this post. I plan to try to stay busy today.
There is certainly plenty to do around here to stay that way, haha!

I miss my Rusty baby though. I will try to have my "Remembering Rusty" post
ready for tomorrow, and then be back on Thursday with a fun post for Spring.

Happy Monday to you!

And one of Shelley, just so she won't feel left out...

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