Friday, March 31, 2017

18 is Here!

Miss S turns 18 today!

Her big day has her feeling like this...

Her big day has me at a total loss for words! I just can't believe 18 years has passed
in the blink of an eye. Since I am in a slight state of shock today, let's talk a look back
at Miss S over the past few years.

Let's just flash back to when we moved to the Birmingham area. Miss S was
beginning the sixth grade, and she received 1st alternate in a pageant that she
did. (She is still irritated even now that she didn't win, lol!) I thought she looked
beautiful!! This was the beginning of my girl coming out of her shell.

Miss S at age 12...

Here is my sweet girl during her preppy phase around age 13...

She got her braces off just in time for her 14th birthday, in 2013! I'm pretty sure I cried
on this day too because my baby was growing up and time was passing so quickly.
Man, parenting is an emotional roller coaster!

Miss S at 15...

and then 16...

and 17...

Then the year that I had been dreading since she started the 9th grade...

Senior Year:

So today, it has happened. My girl is turning 18 years old. She is counting down the
days until high school graduation, and the days until she moves away to college.

I'm trying to keep it together, even though I can not imagine how strange life is going 
to be without her here sleeping in her bed in her room each night.

I am so proud of the strong, confident, intelligent woman she is becoming. She
is bold in what she believes and has a good level head on her shoulders. 

I am proud and happy for her, but at the same time, if I could slow time down just
a bit, I certainly would!

Happy 18th birthday Miss S! You are my world!

Since she had her birthday party with friends a couple of weeks ago, we are going to 
dinner as a family tonight to celebrate her big day.

 Remember there is a new Hallmark movie Saturday night at 8:00 Central Time or 
9:00 Eastern Time. If you won't be home, set your DVR! It's about a German
Shepherd, so you know I'll want to watch!

Happy Friday, and happy weekend everyone. 

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