Friday, February 17, 2017

Nothing Much

I don't have too much to share with you today, but I did want to pop in and 

We are supposed to be going to dinner tonight as a family since our time all 
together is going by so fast.

I can't believe our girl graduates from high school in only 96 more days. She will be
moving into her college dorm room with her bestie in 171 days.

WHY is the time going by so fast???

Also prom season is quickly approaching again. (In keeping with the 'counting the
days' theme, prom is 50 days away.) I suspect that prom dress shopping is going to
be happening in the near future. Not particularly my cup of tea, but I guess we do
some things we aren't particularly crazy about, just to spend time with the ones 
we love.

What are your weekend plans? Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it bring
you joy and happiness!

I'll see you Monday!

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