Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Madness

Happy Monday everyone!

The good news is that it is President's Day today, so Miss S is out of school.
That also means that I was able to sleep until 8:00 this morning! Woo Hoo for
sleeping in.

The bad news is that the batteries in my mouse are dead this morning, and we don't
have any AAA sizes to rectify that situation. I am a mouse user and lover, so using
my laptop without a mouse stresses me out.

Also, Miss S has a dermatologist appointment in an hour, so we should really start
getting ready to leave for it.

So.... I will buy batteries while we are out, and will be back tomorrow with a proper
blog post!

If you have the day off today, I hope you enjoy it and get to spend time doing things
you love.

I will see you tomorrow!

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