Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life Lately

Happy Tuesday!

When we left off last Friday, I told you we were planning to go out Friday night
as a family for sushi.

While we were waiting on our food, Hubby took a minute to check a few emails and I
caught him in action.

So, Miss S and I decided to take a mother/daughter selfie!

I love this girl and can't believe she will be turning 18 soon. Not sure where the years went!

Saturday morning, Hunter was entertaining himself with a new toy. At first he kept getting 
his nose caught in the middle.

Look at those scary teeth! Is this a labrador or a wolf?!

Hunter is the silliest puppy. It's rare for a day to go by that he doesn't have us laughing
at his latest shenanigan.

On Sunday morning, Rusty and I took a minute for some sweet snuggle time.

He is not a big fan of pictures, but I sure love this little dachshund!

And as for the rest of my life lately, this pretty much sums it up...

Okay, so maybe I haven't watched 17 episodes in a row, but I am definitely 
completely invested in White Collar. We finished Season 5 last night and I am
so upset. Season 6 only has 6 episodes and then it's done.  

I am SO not ready to let the cast of this amazing show go. I have loved spending time with 
them each day. I just don't think life without Neal, Mozzie, Peter, Elizabeth and June will 
be the same. The show had the perfect blend of comedy, drama, crime, and romance.

I think this will probably be me...

So that's what's going on here lately.

What are you up to lately?

Are you currently wrapped up in a T.V series? 

What show were you sad to say goodbye to?

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