Monday, February 13, 2017

It Started Out So Well

Happy Monday to you and happy day before Valentine's Day!

My weekend started off with THIS in my t.v...

I am on season 4 of White Collar, and loved seeing the beautiful beach shots in 
this episode.

Friday night, Miss S was spending the night with her future AU roomie, so I went
with Hubby to Academy Sports to get some supplies so he can do some 
"jug fishing" soon. 

Yes, I realize that "jug fishing" sounds completely ridiculous, but apparently it is
a ton of fun and a great way to catch Catfish. I will take his word for it, haha.

After our little shopping excursion, we went to dinner and had sushi. I got the 
Tuna Avocado Rolls...

and Hubby got Mango Rolls.

Saturday started off like any typical Saturday. I got my coffee and went to sit down in
my chair in the family room. When I stood back up from my chair a few moments later,
my low back completely locked up on me. I have no idea what happened. In the blink 
of an eye I went from happy and healthy, to temporarily feeling disabled. I've had this 
pain in my back before, but typically it occurs when I reach, bend, or pick up 
something wrong. This pain came seemingly from out of nowhere. I am still 
confused about it!

So, since Saturday, I have been icing my back every hour, and hobbling around like
a nearly crippled old woman. Not fun, and certainly not attractive. I had no idea 
when I originally hurt my back in 2013, that this would be an issue I would deal
with for years to come.

I am hopeful that after a couple of days of ice, rest, and ibuprofin, I will be feeling
close to normal again. Back pain is the pits and I would never wish this on anyone.

I hope each of you has a wonderful day, and thanks for visiting today.

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