Friday, February 24, 2017

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday everyone!


I promise I will try to make this the last boring, uneventful blog post that you have to
endure. I guess some weeks just happen that way, combined with a dip in creativity
and three straight rainy, dreary days, and boring is what happens sometimes.

This morning, I'm doing a quickie cleaning spree. The bug man is due here any
minute and it never fails that the day he is scheduled to come for our monthly
preventative treatment, well, that is the day that the house seems to look the

After pest control leaves, I get to go to the grocery store! I know you can sense 
my excitement over that "to do," haha.

At least once all the groceries are put away, my weekend can begin. My mantel is 
currently bare. I have taken all the Valentine decor down, but don't want to put out
Easter decor just yet, so I've got to figure out what direction to go in there. I will
probably spend some time today playing around with decor.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say...


I'll see you on Monday!

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