Monday, February 27, 2017

Ski Masks and My New Do

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a pretty good weekend over here. Miss S went with a friend to the
Twenty One Pilots concert Friday night. I'm old, and couldn't tell you one single
song that they sing. As a matter of fact, when the guys came out on stage with these
black ski masks on, I would have most likely been frantically looking for an exit!


Miss S is young, fun, and cool, so she was fully expecting the ski masks.

She chose an all black ensemble and was apparently right on point with her decision.
The colors of the concert were black, red, and white, so she would totally have been
able to hang with the band if she wanted to.

She went with her friend Dalton, and they had a blast!

Me on the other hand...This was my Friday night motto.

Hubby and I are totally content spending time at home with the fur babies and
some Netflix.  We are three episodes away from finishing White Collar on Netflix.
I am kind of dragging my feet with watching now because I am not ready for it to end. 
I have read enough spoilers to know the jist of how it ends, and I am not ready to face 
it just yet. 

I think I will probably feel a little like this when we reach the end of the finale...

Saturday morning, I had a hair appointment. After my cut, she blew my hair out
straight and smooth. Since I usually wear my hair wavy, I looked like a new woman!

Hubby liked my new look so much that he took me out for a date night Saturday night.

Miss S was out having dinner and coffee with her almost college roomie. They
are so excited to be moving into their dorm room in a little over 5 months.

Coffee with "H.Lo"  (That is what Miss S has her bestie's name as in her phone contacts, lol.)

Sunday at church, I got SO MANY complements on my smooth, straight hair. Since
multiple complements are fairly rare in my world, once we got home, I asked Miss S to 
snap a couple of pics so I could remember how my hair CAN look when styled by 
a professional. I thought I would share a few just to document the special occasion.

That about wraps up this weekend recap. Today I'm linking up here and here.

How was your weekend?

Do you prefer to stay in or go out during the weekend?

Do you listen to Twenty One Pilots?

Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for reading!


  1. Twenty-One fun! Her outfit was perfect. :)You hair looks so chic!

    1. She had a blast! Said they were so good live. Thank you so much!


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