Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Diffusing Relaxation

People that know me well, know that I am naturally quite a high strung person. 
Anxiety and stress are never too far away.

This pretty much describes my natural tendency toward stress...

Thankfully, I have found something that is particularly helpful with anxiety and 
stress. I love using these at home when I want and need to relax.

I know there are many "name brand" essential oils available, but these actually work
extremely well for me. I bought the Nature's Bounty Lavender and the Gurunanda 
and absolutely love them. I have purchased other oils, and other diffusers from 
Amazon, but these are by far my favorites. I also use Chamomile essential oil.

I typically use the Lavender and Harmony together during the day and evening,
and use Lavender and Chamomile at bedtime.

I love the calming effect they have in our home and on my mood. I also love that I
can pick up my favorite scents at Walmart any time I want to. 

(This is not a sponsored post, I simply wanted to share how I use essential oils
in our home.)


I am hoping to decorate for Valentine's Day. I brought my Valentine decor out
yesterday, so now I am waiting for inspiration to hit! In the meantime, maybe I
will watch an episode of White Collar, haha.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'll see you Thursday!

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