Thursday, January 26, 2017

What A Day!

Yesterday started off like any typical Wednesday. Hubby and I were up around
6:00 a.m, then Miss S was up by 6:30. Hubby was showering and getting ready
for work, and I was drinking coffee and packing a lunch for Miss S to take to school.

We all made it out the door by 7:20 without too much rushing and chaos. I headed
to work and then after my health coach shift I headed to the grocery store. I made it
home around 12:30 and began the dreaded task of hauling all of our groceries from
the car up the stairs to the kitchen. 

As I got to Hunter's kennel, this is the surprise I found...

The silly dog had apparently gotten pretty bored while I was out during the morning
and took it out on his bed. 

After I cleaned up Hunter's mess, and just as I was finishing up lunch, my phone rang.
I was a little surprised to see that it was a call from my Dad. Usually Mom and I call
each other and Daddy will listen in and add a few things to the conversation here 
and there. When I answered the phone, he needed a moment to collect himself, and 
my heart sank to my feet. He began telling me that my Mom had been sick all evening
Tuesday, and even into Wednesday morning. He had taken her in to the Emergency 
Room around 6:30 Wednesday morning. They were still doing tests at this point, but
he knew unexpected surgery would be needed.

I got Hubby on the phone and fell apart! He told me to get ready and he would
drive me to the hospital to be with my mom and dad. Thankfully, we made the 1 1/2 
hour drive to the hospital in time to see her before her surgery.

When I saw my sweet Daddy there hovering over my mom taking care of her, my
heart was so full. And then I noticed in the rush to get her to the hospital that he had
forgotten to put on a belt. Now if you know my dad, you KNOW that his appearance
is always 100% spot on perfect, so for him to have forgotten a belt just showed me how
upset and worried he was about my mom. I tear up now just thinking about it. They have
loved and cared for each other for over 51 years, and I am so very blessed to have parents
that love each other like that! They are so sweet to each other and so precious to me.

Okay, I am getting off track, and all choked up all over again!  

Mom was taken to emergency surgery and they discovered that her appendix had ruptured. 
I won't go on and on with any more details, but the surgery went well, and she spent 
Wednesday night in ICU and had a good night. We are not sure if she will move to a 
regular room later today or not. (All the hospital rooms are full! So sad!)

I appreciate you reading today, and for all your prayers.  I am praying she will heal
quickly and will have no complications. Mom loves being at home as much as I do,
so I know she is ready to get out of that hospital and back into her own bed.

As long as everything continues to go well, I will see you back here tomorrow
morning. Happy Thursday!

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