Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Ramblings

This little man had a birthday on Saturday! My little precious is now 
12 years old!

This picture was from Christmas, so I need to be sure to get another current one soon.

Hunter's new favorite activity is to bring his chew toy to you, drop it on you, and expect
for you to hold it while he chews. He managed to get Miss S to play along with his new
favorite activity Saturday morning. Would you say he is smart, or would you call that
spoiled? haha

He also loves to carry two toys around in his mouth. One just simply is not enough.
I guess he wants to be sure he always has something to play with, ha.

Hunter will be 10 months old next week. Time is flying by!

Miss S had an Upper GI Endoscopy done yesterday morning and then spent the
rest of the day resting on the couch at home.

All of her results came back "normal." The doctor assures us that this is GOOD
NEWS, and that we should continue to reassure her that everything is okay. With
all the tests she has been through in the past three months, and everything coming
back normal, he assures us that this is a very good thing. His official diagnosis of
all of her pain and trouble is "Functional Dyspepsia." We were told to research all
we could about it so we are reading things like this, and this. From what we are learning,
there is really no known cause and no known cure. It is just something that Miss S will
have to learn to manage with careful diet and lifestyle choices. Acid blocking medicines
help some patients, so he prescribed one for her and we will see him again in one month.

Hubby and I are still baffled, and are trying to trust the doctor and his "everything is
good" diagnosis, but let me just say I'm keeping my eyes wide open on this one. I hope
he is right, and praying that the acid blocking medicine and "keep reassuring her" 
approach will help her feel better, but.... We will see what happens in the next month. 

So that is where we are today. Trying to relax and trust her doctor and of course the
Great Physician. Also trying to stay away from social media a bit right now. Everything
out there is just so toxic right now. The talk in and around the Inauguration on Friday
is just sickening. I won't say anymore about it, but I am trying to stay away from so 
much negativity, It certainly isn't helping anyone. I am proud to be an American, but
sad that our world is the way that it is at this time. I much prefer positivity and peace.

Happy Tuesday all, and I will see you on Thursday!

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