Monday, January 16, 2017

It's a Happy Monday!

It's a happy Monday! Miss S is out of school AND my parents are coming to visit for 
the day. (PLUS, the Bachelor comes on T.V tonight!) It's going to be an awesome day 
all around!

How was your weekend? Mine kicked off with an appointment for a haircut on Friday
morning. The was before my appointment...

And this is after!

Whoops! We took just a tad more off than intended, but I'm okay with it. My hair grows
pretty fast and I think in a couple of weeks time, it will be close to where we actually 
intended it to be. It's all good, and several sweet friends have said they really like it.
Miss S just looks at it and says, "It's short." Ha, teenagers.

Friday was a crazy warm day around here.

It's really hard to believe that just one weekend ago we were iced in for three days,
and now we are having weather back up into the low 80's. How does that even happen?!

After my hair appointment, I headed back to Target to get a chair Miss S has had her
eye on for several weeks. She wants this to be her desk chair in her dorm room next

You can check it out online for a better look at it. We had been watching it in the store,
and then noticed it was on sale online, so I quoted the online sale price when checking 
out with it, and they honored it. If we had ordered online and had it shipped to us, there 
would have been an extra $20 fee to ship, so obviously it was a better deal to drive to the 
store! It was a little painful buying something for her dorm room, but I know that just 
even if I avoid dealing with it, it is still going to happen. My girl is going to college even 
if I choose to pretend she will stay at home with me forever. Sign... I think she has the 
"college countdown" at about 199 days from now. Oh my aching heart.

Friday night, Miss S and her almost college roomie went to a cute little coffee shop for
one of these fancy lattes. Isn't is so pretty?

Maybe Miss S will take me to get one sometime so I can be fancy too! ;)

Saturday morning, the weather was so beautiful once again. Hubby duck hunted in the
morning, and played golf during the afternoon. I'm guessing that was pretty much his
idea of a perfect day!

Miss S spent most of the morning with her almost roomie, and then after lunch, she
and I ran a couple of errands.

Saturday evening after dinner, she headed out to meet friends at the movies and Hubby 
and I had another quiet evening in. A quiet night in is always good with me! Traffic, 
crowds, and noisy places are not high on my list of things I enjoy, that's for sure.


Sunday was our usual Sunday... Church, lunch at my Mother-in-law's and then lots of
relaxing with family. The sunset was pretty and pink Sunday evening. So beautiful.

I am thrilled that Miss S and I get to spend the day shopping and having lunch
with my parents. I haven't seen them since Christmas, so it is a much needed visit!

Happy Monday everyone!

Just in case you need is a little motivation for your Monday:

I'm linking up here and here today, so be sure to check it out! :)

I will see you tomorrow!

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