Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hearts Galore

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I forgot to share this pic of the "wintry mix" that we found outside of Miss S's
doctor's office yesterday. Most of the "icy slush" was off the roads, but this parking
lot was still covered completely. I couldn't resist snapping a quick picture!

After Miss S's appointment, we passed Target on our way back home. We had a few 
minutes, and couldn't resist a quick stop. Here are some Valentine goodies that we found
during our visit.

How cute are these Valentine mugs?

Really, I think they could be used any time of the year.

What about this cute little kitchen towel and hot mitt? So cute!

These pitchers are pretty too and give off a vintage, antique feel reminding me of 
something I would have seen in my grandmother's kitchen.

If you are like me,  you can never have to many magnetic list pads. I keep one of
these on the side of my fridge to make my grocery list each week. 

If Miss S and I didn't already have numerous blank journals, this one would have most
likely come home with me. It's pink, it says love, and it has a heart and an arrow on it.
What's not to like about this journal?

As a dachshund mommy, of course this adorable Valentine mailbox decorating kit caught
my eye. If Miss S was still in elementary school, and still exchanging those cute little paper
Valentine's with her classmates, I would have happily bought this for her. So cute! Back when
I was teaching elementary school, my students decorated little white paper bags or kleenex
boxes for their mailbox for valentines. Times have changed, I suppose, haha.

I love this heart cupcake or muffin pan. I am the girl that would totally make and eat
heart shaped muffins year round!

If you are looking for a Valentine garland or banner, Target is your place. Look at
all the options...

I love shopping for Valentine goodies. Maybe it's because it is also my birthday
on Valentine's Day, but I have always loved all things with hearts on it!

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

Do you like hearts? 

( I do, but Miss S prefers triangles and anything that has
triangles on it and is not much of a "heart" fan. )


I am planning to see you back here tomorrow with a special Wednesday
link up post. (If my computer is willing. I had to restart it three times, while
trying to get this post out to you! Ugh!)


Still no news from Miss S's doctor. I will keep you posted! Thank you to
all of you who are asking about her! You all are awesome and appreciated!!

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