Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Hello and happy first Monday of 2017!

I'm gearing up to watch the 128th Rose Parade that will be coming on at 10:00 a.m
our time. The weather is rainy, and in the mid 60's so Hubby is still home this 
morning. He had hoped to get to hunt, but with weather like this, he knew he
would be wasting his time. Miss S is still snoozing away and thankful that she
still has one more day after today on her Christmas Break.

Today feels more like New Year's Day to me. Having big holidays like Christmas
and New Year's are confusing when they happen on Sunday. I am glad those two
days don't fall on a Sunday every year!

Not too much went on around here over the weekend. I did pick up my new glasses
on Friday.

They don't look that much different than my old ones...

but the frames are larger, which means the bifocal is lower and they are giving me a
fit. I am having trouble when I try to look at my laptop. I keep bobbing my head up
and down and around trying to find the right spot. Oh the woes of  being over 40!

Saturday afternoon was all about this...


I've got to get caught up today on the decluttering challenge. Day 1 was medicine cabinet
and Day 2 (today) is shower.

I've also got to catch up on Day 1 and Day 2's January's Bible reading challenge. 

See! I told you having a holiday on a Sunday throws me off. It's January 2nd and 
I'm already behind, lol. 

Well, I guess I had better wrap this up. I've got two dogs arguing over the same
toy, even though there are two identical toys laying side by side. Oh the struggle!

Happy Monday!

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