Monday, January 9, 2017

Fifth Time's A Charm?

Happy Monday afternoon everyone!

I apologize for the delay in today's post. My computer was acting up on and off
all weekend, and also Miss S had a doctor appointment this morning, so there was
just no way to get this post out to you before now. I appreciate your patience and
understanding that sometimes life just has a plan of it's own. We can do our best 
to manage it, but we can never truly control it!

Before we talk anymore about today's appointment, let's rewind back to Friday. 

Thankfully school's were closed due to the threat of snow/sleet/ice and freezing 
temperatures. Miss S and I stayed at home safe and sound and kept a close eye on
the Winter Storm Warning. We are not used to temperature highs of only 32 degrees. 
We typically have fairly mild winter weather, so anytime a Winter Storm is possible, 
we pay very close attention to James Spann and abc3340 News and Weather.

While we were cozy and warm inside, Miss S decided our refrigerator needed to be 
cleaned out and organized. When she gets in the mood to clean and/or organize
something, I am thrilled because she always does a thorough job. She leaves no item
left unturned, that's for sure.  

See? My girl has so many talents! I love my clean and neat fridge.

The sleet and ice arrived in our area Friday evening around 4:30. Again, I was so happy 
we were all at home safe and sound and not caught out on the icy, wintry roads. 

By Saturday morning, this was our view out the front window...

and in our backyard...

And a closer look at the sleet/ice on our deck...

The wintry mix is mostly ice now and still covers our back deck. I sure hope the
sunshine and temps in the 40's today will get rid of that ice once and for all. Poor
Hunter looks like he is skating on ice every time he goes out the back door to potty!

Sunday, looked pretty much the same way at our house because the temperatures
never got above 29 or 30 degrees. Hubby needed to be at church earlier than usual on 
Sunday, so he took his chances and headed out. He wanted Miss S and I to stay home 
and be safe and warm. So we stayed home and enjoyed Day 3 of our hibernation.

This morning, the school systems were delayed two hours, but Miss S and I had 
to head out anyway for her appointment at 8:30. She went back to her Gastro doctor's
office for an ultrasound of her gallbladder, liver, kidneys, and spleen. I think her doctor
is a little baffled as to why she is continuing to experience stomach pain and nausea on
a regular basis even after going completely gluten free.

We are waiting for the results of the ultrasound and hoping that this FIFTH attempt to
get answers will finally give us some. 

Thank you for reading this "better late than never" blog post, and if all is well with my
computer, I will plan to see you at the regular time Tuesday morning.

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