Thursday, December 8, 2016

What Should I Wear?

It's almost that time again. Time to figure out what to wear to various Christmas 
parties and gatherings that you will inevitably find yourself attending during
the coming weeks.

 Hubby's company Christmas party is the event I am most concerned about. You 
know how it is seeing people you generally only see once a year. Ugh. One outfit 
that they will remember for the next 364 days. No pressure there. 

I keep coming up short on inspiration this year for the right holiday outfit, so I 
jumped online for a little help. 

Here are some looks that caught my eye.

I like the ease and simplicity of the plain white dress paired with black 
over the knee boots, but in all reality I would find myself spending the entire
evening worried about getting a stain on the front of this blank white canvas.


I love the polished look of this all black outfit. I am not quite sure I could
pull this look off, but it may be worth a try.


I like the simplicity of the ivory sweater, and the pop of red from the scarf,
but worry about getting too warm in the room that the company party is
held. Once everyone fills the room, the temperature starts to rise, and for
this hot-natured mama, the scarf may cause too much suffering.


I like the red sweater and black pants look, but kind of feel like I have "been there
and done that" with a very similar look, so even though this look is timeless, I
really have in my mind that I want to go for a more neutral look and stay away
from the predictability of a red or green top.


This gray sweater definitely caught my eye. Like I said, I was kind of thinking that
I want to wear something neutral, and I do like the timeless look of this.


Another gray and black combo. I'm thinking this look may be quite popular for
this holiday season.


And here we have the all black look again. Definitely something to keep in mind.


I do like this look with the all black outfit and a pop of color from the fur
vest. I bought a gray fur vest last year, so this combo has possibilities.


Well, I am still not 100% sure of the exact look I'm hoping to achieve for Hubby's 
work Christmas party, but Dec. 15th is coming soon. I suppose a shopping trip 
will be happening this weekend. I am sure Miss S will make sure I come up with 
the right look. It sure is nice having your very own fashionista living with you.

If you're not shopping for a Christmas party outfit, maybe you need a few more
ideas for gifts to buy for friends and family. Here are a few that I think have
some pretty cute ideas. Maybe you will find an idea or two also!

Do you have Christmas parties to attend?

Are you finished with your shopping yet?

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